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Friday, February 25, 2011

unquotable movie lines

I have this thing with my sister where we like to quote random lines from movies with each other.

We like to incorporate them into everyday situations.

It's not really intentional, it's just so much of a habit that we now do it all.the.time.

And it kind of drives our family bonkers.

I realized the other day, that there are some lines from movies & tv shows that you just can't quote in everyday situations.

For instance, I woke up last Saturday at my parents house, went out to the family room and thought of a line from Friends. I suddenly felt the urge to say, "Hello. My babiees." Like Phoebe does when she has her sultry sick voice.
But that wouldn't exactly work. Firstly, my parents don't watch that show. Secondly, since they don't like it, the reference wouldn't be taken in the right way. Thirdly, they...uhh...weren't babies. :)

Another unquotable line from P.S. I Love You:
"Let's have a baby! La la la!"

Yep. It just doesn't make sense in ordinary conversations.
But for some reason I love saying it. Try it- it rolls of the tongue nicely.
Just like: "Francisco. Fran...cisco!" does from Elf.
Also, I love saying it to my sister. Uh, we can't exactly have a baby.
So yeah, double unquotable.

Last one:  Baby Mama is super quotable.  But, this one doesn't quite work out of context.
"Uh....so pregnant!"

And neither does this line:
"If I wasn't pregnant I would be mackin on all of this."

Yeah. Taken out of context, they just don't make sense.
Especially because I am definitely not pregnant. nor will I be -for quite a few years.

However, quite a few are definitely quotable in everyday conversation.
Yesterday, while talking with a friend, she told me something I didn't know so I replied: "That is brand new information!" a la Phoebe from Friends.

Also, "Blue-berr-ies!" from Duplex (super annoying movie) works well, followed by a "Oh! I lost me count!"
ugh. that crazy manipulative old lady.

And, "being single is not an alternative lifestyle" from Baby Mama is quite fitting for me and many of my friends right now :)

And who can forget, "B! I don't know your life!" Yes, I censored that. Hate that it has that word because I think of this quote so often :)

And from Maid of Honor, "What in the name of the wee man?"
It works. Plain and simple. Such a great expression ;)

For the longest time, my sister and I would quote things from It Takes Two, a movie we literally memorized around the age of 9. "Big gooey messy burger!"

And then there was the equally popular, "Black tie, white gown, the whole enchilada!" and "Hello pet! You may call me, aunt Vicky." blegh. from the newer Parent Trap.
Or "together, yeah, yeah, yeah!" from the older & more beloved version.

Oh, and who could forget a holiday classic? "If you want, there's sandwiches in ...the..uh.. clubcar."  Name that movie. Go!

What about you?
Any unquotable/quotable lines you love using in everyday conversation?

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