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Friday, February 25, 2011

Apparently, I'm a slow learner

Here is the first part of this little trio of posts.
The third part will pop up in a little while.

Also, awhile back, I finally started commenting.

Just here.

And there.

Slowly, I was letting people know that I was actually reading about their lives/passions/talents.

And you know what??

People, like, commented back!   (ugh. I am Not that valley girl in real life. Just a literary device that shows I'm human.)

It was weird.And fun.And cool.And AWESOME!

And not the same weird that I felt when my Dad told me his friend read my blog last year.
That was strange.

Kinda like letting the air out of my balloon.

What?? People (read: Strangers .....you know, the people you DON'T TAKE CANDY FROM)
actually read the stuff I write on this here blogger.com thing?
People other than me choose to read it?
People other than the four people I told about it read it?
Those same People who don't even know me have thoughts on what I say?            okay, enough questions

Big anticlimactic answer: Yes.
People write. People care. People have many of the same motivations I have for writing&reading blogs that I do.
Go figure that they would then respond after I reach out to them.  (even in my teeny, tiny gesture)
I know.
DUH, right? :)                 Yes, I'll admit, I'm a slow learner sometimes.

Another thing I should note:
I feel particularly giddy when I receive comments.
As I told my friend the other day, I feel all yummy inside. Like after I have really awesome ice cream. Or mashed potatoes. (my other true love :)
Ha- this is what I said to my friend: "Man, it's weird being in this place in life! Having friends getting engaged every other weekend, meeting friends-of-friends, and getting involved in blogs & actually getting feedback (read: comments -they're like a big "brown paper packages tied up with string" super yummy feeling) from all the nice girls I read about."

And let's leave this post at that.

How would you describe how you feel after receiving comments?

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