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Friday, February 18, 2011

Target and.....other....things

so yesterday I went shopping with my mom at Target.

which is an amazing feat in itself lately.
seeing as she's not quite physically shopping anywhere.
seriously folks. this is uhmazing stuff right here!

but onto more important things.

yes, we were going shopping!
at Target!
and we were getting really boring stuff!

oh wait, got a little exclamation point happy.

Our boring list:
-Brita filters
-baby oil
-baby wipes

Don't start thinking we suddenly have a baby at our house.
Because we certainly do not.

It's just that, uh.. ladies, buying baby oil is waay cheaper than regular old adult body oil
baby wipes are an awesome, inexpensive (& unscented) makeup remover!
And they're great for all occasions & messes.

~Have shampoo that exploded in your ziploc makeup bag?
Baby wipe to the rescue!
~Spill your breakfast on yourself while you're getting ready in the morning?
Baby wipe again.
~Get a little impatient er, overeager putting your makeup on in the morning?
~See something yucky in the sink but don't want to go to another room to get a real surface cleaning wipe?
Baby wipe & baby wipe!

hehe. I'm officially not a paid sponsor for baby wipes.
Nor have any of those things happened to me...oh, wait :)
Anyways, so we were at Target....
my mom walked out to the car while I found a line to checkout.

And right! before stepping up to the line, I remembered my most! important! reason! for going to the store.....
.....................discounted Valentine's candy!

yes, yes,
I'll admit I was almost more excited about the soon-to-be discounted candy than the actual 'holiday' :)

So as I was saying, I was in line to check out, remembered (and thereby averted tragedy), and whipped my cart around so fast I almost hit the lady behind me. oops. I was excited people :)

I booked my way back to the Valentine's section and soon found......a rather lame selection of candy.
If I wanted tons & tons of various types of M&Ms, conversation hearts, or sweet tarts, I would have been jazzed,
but, since I was not, I was rather bummed.

However, after a quick & thorough search, I still managed
5 bags! of chocolate!

Hey! Stop making those judgements.....at least I put back the brownie mix & M&Ms!
I realized I would have a stomach ache if I ate everything by myself.
which I fully intended to do :)

And no, I didn't realize my constant craving as of late for chocolate is most likely pms.
oops :) it got the better of me again

Have you ever had a pms-driven shopping/eating binge?
Don't worry, we all have :)
Also, don't worry, I won't think badly of you if you admit it, I just admitted to fully intending to eat 5 bags of chocolate.  all. by. myself.


  1. haha love shopping at target- i could seriously spend all day there :)

  2. Hehe...ditto, chocolate is my weakness, def with pms, and yes, baby wipes are the bees knees!