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Sunday, February 27, 2011


& in other unrelated news....
I watched a certain show (that sounds like okra) that had Diana Ross on Friday.

Needless to say, I had "I'm coming out!.....I'm Com..eh..en....OUT!" stuck in my head for hours :)

Oh, and another stirring song as of Wednesday......... (from my Ella Fitzgerald tribute cd):

Whew-ee! That girl can sang!

Little known fact: I took a jazz class last summer for school to meet my music/literature requirement (hello- I was NOT going to read novels/do any more major papers! hence, the music class). While taking it, I got really into Big Band (even more so- darn right! my parents raised me on Lawrence Welk), r&b, jazz, & modern versions of each genre of jazz!


  1. i love her too. love to sing her songs in the shower. lol.

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  2. Songs like that always get stuck in my head! Sounds like a fun class to take...better than most! I love your blog title. How blessed we are to have God's grace.