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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple Things

It's the simple things in life that make me tick.

Being called 'Gwace' by cute little 3 year-olds.
Learning how to throw a football from the coolest little boy.
Smelling like a baby after having held one for a few hours.
Seeing it as a treat to make a funny noise while washing your hands.
Having everything you say repeated in two cute and low little voices.
Smelling a brewing storm in the air.
Having my hair blown around in the wind.
Watching for puddles on the ground.
People watching from a bench. or from my window.
Blasting whatever music you feel like in the moment in your car.
Eating parmesan pretzels.
Seeing little kids with big bellies.
Smelling fragrant flowers that remind you of home.
Getting to class on time.
Binge-reading. Reading for FUN!
Playing that amazing chord progression or phrase in a song, over and over again.
Watching the best parts from your favorite movie.
Eating just about anything super chocolatey.
Getting paid for doing nothing.
Dreaming of home decorating.
Shopping with friends.
Dashing from place to place in the rain.
Exercising and pushing your body hard after a stressful day.
Seeing old, familiar faces in unexpected places.
Waking up with a smile on your face.
Taking naps.
Knowing that you truly earned that good grade.
Reading about other peoples' lives.
Taking pictures on amazing beautiful days.
Having joy.
Realizing I am not in control. and life is perfect that way!
Dreaming and praying about the future.
Being spontaneous with friends.
Making a fool of myself. And being loved for it.
Knowing the thrill of communicating in another language.
Helping out an unsuspecting person.
Wearing that outfit that always makes you feel hott/comfy/cozy/amazing.
Being complimented on days you didn't 'try.'
Eating childhood favorite recipes.
Spontaneously making yummy desserts.
Getting green lights.
Being introspective.
Feeling cozy, relaxed, and not being busy.
Crossing things off the 'to do' list.
Meeting randomly cool new people.
Seeing a cute person.
Being checked out by said person.
Giving and getting hugs.
Celebrating birthdays.
Reading the Bible.
Being challenged by God, friends, life.
Realizing who I am at my core: an introverted, placator. Always apologizing, giving people too many excuses, not realizing my own needs. I'm sorry.
Seeing guys act like little boys.
Reading favorite books over and over again.
Having windows blow in fresh air and sweet breezes.
Taking pictures with friends.
Acting goofy with kids.
Spending time with cousins.
Having honest conversations with friends and strangers.
Being blessed with cool roommates.
Getting the gift of a full gas tank.
Going on adventures with friends.
Driving with the windows down at night in the mountains.
Taking naps in hammocks.
Lazy Sunday afternoons.
Sleeping in. And not needing an alarm!
Being captivated by beautiful skies. sunsets. clouds.
Living in California.
Being blessed to live in the USA.
Having enlightening teachers.
Having mentors and accountability partners.
Doing satisfying work.
Working hard until you're physically exhausted.
Using power tools.
Impressing your parents.
Heck, impressing anyone!
Surprising yourself.
Being outspoken on important things.
Finding cool photographers.
Getting House Beautiful in the mail.
Watching cheesy, silly movies.
Drinking tea.
Drinking chocolate soy milk.
Eating summer fruits.
Watching leaves fall.
Watching little kids play like there's no tomorrow.
Having summer vacation.
Learning about people.
Being involved in my community.
Being surprised with the 'magic number' at the atm.
Hanging out with positive and uplifting friends.
Knowing for once that you didn't procrastinate.
Creating with my hands.
Having memories connected to smells, songs, and colors.
Seeing glimpses of God.
Traveling outside my comfort zone.
Having people remember my name.
Knowing someone well enough to finish their thoughts or not needing to use words to have conversations.
Having predictable friends.
Cutting my hair short every spring!
Dreaming about 'what I want to be when I grow up.'
Forgetting to tell people I have a twin.
Outsmarting a kid.
Taking relaxing showers.
Walking around barefoot.
Painting my nails.
Wearing jewelry.
Falling asleep while watching a movie.
Eating cereal.
Being intrigued by crime shows.
Looking at old pictures.
Going to concerts.
Curling my hair.
Having meaningful conversations, and heart-to-hearts.
Realizing and thanking God for all his blessings.

Living life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pajama Day

Yep! I tottled around my apartment all day in my pajamas!
Now for most people this happens occasionally on Saturdays, but since I have been having busy and early mornings on Saturdays for about the last 2 months, today was the day. I believe I got my full 12 hours of sleep last night. maybe just a little shy of that but oh well. I tried :)
If you know me pretty well, you know that I function much better with long periods of rest. (Hence the childhood nickname Sleeping Beauty and the contest of seeing how late I could sleep past my sisters on Saturdays.)
However, if you also know me much at all, you know that I am a night owl and love to stay up late doing really pointless stuff. Like watching tv or movies, eating ice cream, doing on-line window shopping, or looking up recipes that I'll probably never make. or... -ahem, reading tons of blogs-
Now don't go thinking I'm a bad person for sleeping in so late on a Sunday. It is a day of rest after all and I like to go to church at night when I'm in Fresno.
It has been a rather relaxing day. Slept in late, had some crazy-weird dreams, made a simple lunch that somehow took a loong time, ate some chocolate covered strawberries (cassie- you probably shouldn't have offered them to me- they may be gone soon!), thought about going to the gym, sort of unconsciously decided not to go to the gym, talked to my seester on the phone and had to keep asking her the same question because I wasn't really listening to her, caught up on some blog stalking, and did the norm of avoiding homework. Maybe I'll do some later- I really need to start studying for some finals. I would LOVE to get A's in all of my classes- especially because I know I'm capable of doing so in most of them! Hmmmm I wonder what I got on that test on Friday? (An A???? Please God? I studied real hard!)
Okay so yeah, I have a few blogs to be posted soon- probably tonight. Gotta dash to get ready for church- yeah, should have done that after I woke up this morning :)
Who am I kidding? If I get married, the guy better know these flaws about me, needing tons of sleep and not getting 'ready for the day' (as my mom would say) until about 2 o'clock, and not getting much done in a day. And you know what? I'm praying for a guy that will love me for that! or maybe motivate me to get my butt moving earlier in the day!

PS: prayer request: God please give me some answers about a job and housing! I'm getting antsy and starting to lose hope! Ah! Give me peace and please keep the reminders coming that I do not have control over my life and your plans always win over mine. (Last night was a good reminder of that: good friend had her car broken into. Thanks God for blessings that will come out of her situation and thanks that it wasn't me!) Ta ta for now!