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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Likely Story, Morning Glory


I made it through finals,
wondered at the likelihood of Fresno actually getting a tornado,
raced home,
raced-er- crawled along to Anaheim,
saw Missy Higgins at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney,
chilled with the fam,
made sugar cookies,
made some amazing new friends,
went to LA again,
got early Christmas goodies at Ikea,
wrapped Christmas gifts,
tried to figure out registration for classes- for about six hours,
played my guitar- ah! What a release from stress!
and received some early gifts!

All this to say, I hope that this Christmas season will be a contemplative and meaningful time, besides the chaos and hubub of decorating and shopping. Christmas comes only once a year and we need to remember the meaning and reason for the little baby in the manger. This year I look at the nativity scene (apparently creche is a real word) and see Jesus as a carpenter, hippie, friend to all, miracle worker, servant, teacher, and sacrifice. He is the "propitiation for my sins" and I will honor Him on December 25th and for my whole life for his choice of death. His birth guarranteed his ultimate death, and I will love and serve him for the meaning of the end of his life.

P.S. Robby Francis is a weird one. Couldn't really tell what that guy was sayin most of the time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If you give a mouse a cookie....

.then you'll end up making a gingerbread house.
...Then you'll have to watch a sappy, girly movie to relax after all your hard work.
......And...then you'll drive home at 2 o'clock in the morning and truly pray you make it home alive. ........at least you'll get all green lights though.
Don't you just love little moments shared with friends?
For instance, a conversation with that certain person does not even have to include any words. How cool and weird is that?! Sometimes only a few words are needed while at other times, a simple look will do.
Tonight's little moments....

...."I know!"
....singing under breath
...."Next week, tomorrow!"

....."I wish I had a group of four friends like that."
.....a glance
.....a smile

Who knows the next time someone will say something that will totally resonate with you in a completely different and unintentioned way?
Look for those moments and
cherish them.

To those friends that I can have these conversations with.....I love you.
..................................................................................BRMW, WWS, BSF

Sunday, December 7, 2008

To Rachel...

Because you're the only person who reads this, I hope you like this one!

.....Why, oh why, did we get sucked into that sappy (and poorly acted) Lifetime movie?! Sorry- it was probably mostly because of me. It's just that that guy was so stinkin' cute!!!

Falalala Lifetime! (Say that 5 times fast!)

Today's random song that popped into my head.....
______there's a view to the sea
______there's a view to the sea
______there's a view to the sea
______I'm not sure what it is

.....One of my most favorite moments of one of my best friends: while praying with a group of girls our freshman year, there was a lull in the praying. Then, one of my good (but usually unoutspoken) friends said out loud..."Sweet baby Jesus!"

Oh Nicole, I love you!

.....Like I was telling my roommate Heidi today, you are one of my most reliable and easygoing friends. I love taking pictures with you, crashing on your floor, and talking about life with you!

......Random tv quotes for the week:
No, Toby. You are the silent killer.
I want to go to there.

Ciao, mein!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Lately I've been meandering around on the internet and found a cool photographer who covered the story of an amazing young boy.

Go here to read more: http://www.heraldextra.com/content/view/275334/

His story is inspiring and amazing.

Or go here to check out the cool photographer: http://miketerry.blogspot.com/

Okay, that is all for now folks!

Who knew?

Who knew that one would leave a journey in Walmart on Decemeber 3rd alive and unscaled?

I sure didn't.

I almost had fun too. Looking at cheap Christmas decorations and horribly shiny fake Uggs (metallic silver Uggs? Who could design something so horrible?).

Then....I went to the craft section. Apparently, my grandmother calls the fabric section of Walmart the 'yardage' section. She then told me that Walmart employees do not use or know that term anymore. After asking me if I would know what she meant by 'yardage,' I told her yes, but only because she's my grandma.

Anyways, I had intended to go to the fabric/yardage/crafts section to get something (my sole reason I would shop there) and when I finally meandered over there, I almost came out buying an armload of things I had not intended too. I saw so many potential projects (mostly Christmas gifts but a few pipedreams as well): blankets, cake decorating items, patterns for clothing, and YARN!!

Yes, I did buy the one thing I went in the store for and I am proud to say I bought nothing else! After being so inspired, I was brought back to reality because most of the things I wanted to make I had not ever attempted to do so before and need to ask for help before I decide to do them (read: ask my mom to help me!).

By the way: I want to show someone the Christmas gifts I bought for friends and family soo bad but as of right now I cannot decide what to give exactly to which person so I am at a stalemate. Good friends, good gifts, too many decisions!

Back to my story....Although I was in crafty project heaven, I came to the realization that I come from a long line of people that start projects and do not finish them. Maybe, just maybe I can break the pattern and finish the one I started with my grand purchase of $4.32 tonight.

By the way, why on earth would there be a kettle corn stand in a Walmart parking lot? Isn't it enough that Clovis simply has a Walmart, must we corrupt the city further by making it more white-trash? (Basura blanca: thank you Mr. Henderson)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


·said, "Blow your nose...no...not your mouth, your nose"?
·met someone with an incredibly good memory?
Like freakishly good?!
I know a few people like that and it freaks me out everytime!
·had a two year old give you an ‘air high five’?
·thought incredibly stupid thoughts like, “That’s what facsimile means!”?
·had one of those God moments where he totally showed you or reminded you of something super important?
·had the best job ever without even realizing it?
·been completely blown away by something completely unexpected?
Like showing up for work one day and being told you are being let go?
Argued with your boss and then feeling completely justified in your frustration because of their lies and misunderstanding of your initial job description?
·felt incredibly hot because someone gave you a compliment on a day you felt like crap?
·thought you would know someone named Dempsey?
·met someone so predictable it wasn’t even funny?
well maybe it was…
·been completely amazed by the weather?
·had tons of things on your ‘To Do’ list and only crossed off one thing?!
·wished people would just listen?
·painted your nails at the grocery store?