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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

if you even still read this

the one redeeming quality about the movie In Her Shoes, is that it includes awesome poetry by E.E. Cummings.

As in, that was the first time I remember reading his stuff.

And I took an AP Literature class.
And I have a strange memory for obscure things like authors & such.

Anyways, I watched that movie my freshman year of college.
That was when my life changed a ton.
A laptop.
No mom telling me to get to class on time.
You get the picture :)
I watched the movie with two good friends: my sis & Audrey.

After sharing the book & reading it, Audrey & I both wanted to watch the vid.

Well, let's just say I'm not a fan of Cameron Diaz.

or Shirley MacLaine.
or slackers/slacker characters.
or, uh....I don't remember much more of the movie :)

so anyways, after reading the book, and watching the video, Audrey & I love, love, loved the poems in both.
For a special gift (maybe her birthday?), I gave Audrey a frame with fun pictures of the two of us with a much-loved poem from Cummings.

So Audrey, this is for you :)

link: angela hardison
it makes me think of
new friends,
a discovered, shared enjoyment,
& valentines day (the lovely colors!)

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