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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've been out of sorts;
had messed up priorities;
felt greedy,

It hasn't been fun.

Nope. Not at all.

And a big part of it has been because I've been living like my life is about me.
But you know what? My life is NOT about me.

The last couple have weeks have been a struggle.
Although I've done fun things and filled my days really full (something that really only stresses me out).
One might think I have it all together.
Truth: I'm far from it.

The main reason why I've felt so disconnected, blah, introverted, and analytical lately:
I somehow stopped praying.
You know, really, truly praying.

One reason why is because I've felt discontented, undesired, and just plain blah.
That's going to stop. Right now.
Getting on top of it pronto.

See, I was reading my favorite book from summer and it hit me, I need to pray!
I need to be praying!

A good reminder via pinterest:
Source: etsy.com via Grace on Pinterest