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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random tidbits

Here are some pretty unconnected thoughts/experiences I've had in the past week.

I went to the grocery store with my Dad on Saturday night.
We mostly had produce items on our list.
But, every time we would get one.thing. into the cart, he would then race ahead of me. As in, practically out of the entire produce section.
And then he would have to come all.the.way. back with the cart.
Where was he
even going?
Sheesh it was frustrating.

Back on topic.
We were shopping in the produce section (albeit a little bit frustrated at this point,) and a song by Owl City started playing.
My dad then turned to me and said, "Isn't this the guy who sings Fireflies?"

I was completely blown away.

How did he even know that song?
He is definitely not up on pop culture, into 'secular' music, or into current trends what.so.ever. (i.e. music a la Owl City)   :)

It was soo strange people.

I kind of went on an rampage of entering blog giveaways but I don't remember half of the ones I entered now.
Which makes it kind of hard to see if I won.
oops :)

At the grocery store on Sunday, I wondered aloud to my sister, "Beef liver. Who actually buys that stuff??"

And a follow up question:
What about gizzards & other obscure body parts from poultry & etc.
Who buys those things??
Why would they?
And what do they actually cook with those things?             So strange.

Also, my laptop keyboard is missing the '/?' key.
It's rather frustrating sometimes.
It was the result of a rather silly mistake & had a tragic ending.

A few years ago I hung up new curtain rods in a rather un-stable way on the window next to my desk (i.e. thumbtacks pushed into soft plaster).
The curtain rod crashed down one day and ended up falling onto my open laptop on the desk.
Sadly, the silly little button bit the dust, and I soon discovered how keys are connected to a keyboard.
A vital piece was cracked in two when the curtain rod crash occurred, and I couldn't find an easy way to repair it.
Hence, my pinky finger hurts every now and then because it jams into a itty-bitty metal piece that should be underneath a key.


Every single time I type a forward slash (/) or question mark (?) my pinky hurts a little.
twice in one sentence = ouch.

Poor, poor pinky.
Is it sad that I started to want a new computer just so I could have a functioning   /ow?ow  key? ow :)

Lastly, my sister made rice krispy treats 'for her students' on Monday.
The reason for the air quotes is because I knew what she was really up to. Who was she kidding?
She just wanted some for herself! :)

I was doing something in the other room so she brought me one when she was finally done.
And it was oh, so tasty.
And high-fructose-corn-syrup-y  oh.so.sweet!

And then when I asked her for some more, she may or may not have said, "I just ate my weight in rice krispy treats so you should probably just go get your own."

Ha! I knew it! I knew she had been in the kitchen a little too long 'making' them.
Geez. That girl makes me smile.

The end.

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  1. mmm, rice krispies.maybe i should go make some more...

    p.s. people use gizzards etc. in things like broth, where you will just throw away the meat at the end anyway. gizzards/liver = cheaper.