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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

strange days at blake holsey high

Have you ever looked at someone, like really, truly looked at someone and seen something you hadn't seen before?

Last week I went home to my parents house.
I saw my dad after he got home from work.
and I really, truly saw him.
and it was quite strange because he looked so much older than I ever remembered.
And his brown hair (on his head) were competing for space the grays were taking over.

And he had silvery gray patches(streaks) that were slowly canceling out the darker surrounding hairs.

It was so weird, I tell ya.

And it was so strange!

That night (among many other times in my life),
I realized that my dad wasn't just my dad,
he was a man,
a person,
a temporary human.
And he wasn't the larger-than-life person I once believed he was. Back when I held his hand on the way to church.
And he was old.

Ever do that before?
Look at someone like it's the first time you've ever seen them? In all their honest, plain, old self.

well, it's strange, I tell ya.

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