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Sunday, January 31, 2010

thoughts of transitioning

Thainking about changing the name to this here blog.

Really, it's just a place for me to share
random thoughts,
things I love,
new discoveries,
& thoughts about & conversations with God.

The original intent was to share my view from my window (of the world & literally from where I lived at the present time). Over the past four years, I have lived in four very different places (not including my room at the parent's house with the window out to the enclosed patio/storage room- bor-ing).

Year 1: East Hall 3. Loved college. Loved freedom. Loved FPU. Thought I was going to graduate in 3 more years at FPU. Picked up my guitar for reals & dove in to self-teaching myself. Worked in grad/d.c. office. Learned a lot. Worked my butt off (24 hour work weeks? I miss you! Well, just the paycheck, really :) Totally clicked with one roommate - not as much with the other. Ended up not having a shoe-in of a roommate. (home for summer: visited sister at Hume every other week- terrible withdrawals)

Year 2: Stras 2. After not even really knowing my roommate at all (2nd year in a row), it worked out well. Had some strange things in common. Really started to love her. Worked as writing tutor at the CWL (Center for Writing & Learning). Could hear guys singing in the shower in the bathroom caddy-corner to my window. haha-awkward, yet, funny times. Truly started rocking out & pushing myself on guitar. Learned a lot from roommate & sharing a bathroom with 6 people. Realized I knew all along that I wasn't supposed to graduate from FPU. Felt the nudge towards nursing. Working my butt off in science classes that simply were not me. Still interested in nursing but decided to take a break from ridiculously hard (at least for me) pre-req's & went towards psychology. Specifically, child development. Discovered child development major at Fresno State. Discovered amazing classes meant just for me. Rocked my world. World rocked, but saw long road ahead to admission into Fresno State. Meanwhile, joined my first Lifegroup, or Bible study, through my church, the Well. Bloomed and grew. (haha nod to Eidelweiss :) Soaked up fellowship with very similar & very different girls from group. Went home for the summer knowing I wasn't ever returning to FPU as a full-time undergrad student. Sad, yet excited for future. Left without housing option/plan/possible roommate for next year. (See a pattern anyone? Third year in a row without a roommate OR a job lined up.)
Home for summer: crazy busy summer with weekly babysitting, Thursday Girls Bible study, visiting sister at Hume, & summer school at BC- Logic: awesome English: not awesome until I worked on my attitude. Helped older sis to organize, ready, & paper the walls of her 4th grade classroom she taught -until she was pink slipped with 20,000 other teachers in CA)

Year 3: realized I needed 2 more lower division classes to go to State. Crazy planning & many calls to a super helpful advisor at State. Decided to go to City for a semester. (2nd Fresno college). First venture into public school. ever. God worked out an amazing (for awhile) job as a nanny through lifegroup leader. Learned a lot from that. Finally lined up roommate/housing situation: girl from Lifegroup, close to State for.....next semester! Craziness of parking at apt complex during game days. Slowly getting to know other 2 roommates. Mentored, loved on, and got to know amazing module girls from East Hall 2 (Audrey as first time RA- lots of encouragement for her!). Finished 2 classes needed for admission. Along with......surprise! surprise! ASL 1! Loved American Sign Language, encouraged friends to take it, renewed interest in languages (esp. ASL), Aaaannd realized State had Communicative Disorders minor with a focus on Deaf Studies. Thank you God! This is meant for me! Met new people, made friends with tons of people in ASL (most I never thought I ever could be friends with), witnessed to a few, decided to take ASL 2 ASAP! Sad to leave behind easiest semester I would ever have (homework-wise) in college, but excited for big, new, and exciting Fresno State! Christmas in La Verne (cousins, the Grove) & Temple City. Volunteered at old Neighborhood Thrift. loved it. -Should have gone even more with my outrageous amounts of free time.- Found my love for the gym at my apt. twas uh-mazing! Liked working out, making playlists, becoming toned (last time was senior year of highschool when I worked my butt off pushing & hauling carts at Vons), the freedom of having it right there, and liked going late at night. Loved it!!!
Made it to State, loved it, riding my bike to classes, & getting to know people. Somewhat daunting at first, but easy because of amount of major classes I took (tons of same people in each class). Totally and completely wiped out on my bike, in front of my teacher, on a rainy day. Ugh. Sooo embarrassing, and cold, and wet. Ugh. thought chain was broken. Walked bike home. Got hit on. Rejected offer for lunch (um, I'm wet, cold, embarrassed- especially after asking for help from this guy with bike chain & it WASN'T EVEN BROKEN). Went on first real date. Realized quickly how shallow and quick to judge I was. Learned a lot about my expectations from that. Saw a great movie though :) Felt compelled to see Slumdog Millionaire. Ended that horribly. Ended nanny job equally horribly. Both situations partly my fault, partly not. Still working those out with God. Started babysitting a new family. (sometimes got paid bank- always gifts from God right when I was freaking out about money). Definitely learned a lot from & through all 3 roommates.
To sum up: City, nanny, Bex & Kelly's birthday's in Fresno, addicted to cable, same Lifegroup some different girls (great friendships & connections), State, date, learned a ton at school, loved freshmen girls of EAH2. Realized I wanted to move again. I was cool with my roommates, but felt okay to move on. Roommate got married (the one I was relationally closest to) in June! Old friend married in July! weird to be at this marriage & engagement stage of life

Worked at getting a summer job- no-go. Decided to stay for the summer in Fresno & take ASL 2!!! LOVED it! Made more awesome friends there. Super quick class with only 4 weeks in July (forget a lot of it now). 3rd birthday at Hume. Needed to figure out a roommate/housing situation yet again. (3rd year now.)
Disconnected from church. Boring. Not much friend interaction until late July. Visited sis at Hume a few times. Roadtripped to visit Audrey in San Jose. Random group of friends- twas amazingly fun though. Serve Day (in May actually) with Lifegroup friends. Sunburned, sweaty, and dirty- but oh, so fun! Fired up to live with sister in an apt. Tried to get other girls to commit to a lease. Another big no-go. Realized, God wanted just me & the sis together at last. Together forever (nod to Annie- sorry I just watched it). Signed a lease (a family affair. trust me. it was.) Moved during finals week of summer school. Craziness, pure craziness.

Year 4: School started. sadly not going to graduate with my (original) class this year. Roommate found. Lease signed. No job though. Wanted an on-campus job at my 3rd Fresno college. Realized I should be a writing tutor again. Worked on it. Got it. Ten bucks an hour thank you very much. Thanks God! (and thanks for having a federal grant- & not a spot in the federal gov't paying us!) So cool. In my niche again. Also, started practicum working with toddlers. Cutie-pa-tooties I tell you. Gorgeous, cute, delicious, & mischievous little humans in progress. Amazing, hard, & fun classes, learning, friendships solidified, working my butt off again for a class, & totally loving it all! New Lifegroup (old leader had a super cute baby boy Sept. 11th), made even more amazing new friendships, graduation partay for sis, trip to Fresno for fun with sisters, fro-yo first night in Bako with old friend (crazy stir craziness after barely being home for 1 hour -missed my apt, my rules, my late night fun with friends!), reunion of highschool friends at BJ's & then late night games & talking at Sara's house (whew! 2 o'clock!), Christmas in Bako & Temple City. Disneyland trip with sisters. Cleaned room at home like cuh-razy! Trip to visit sis in Fresno. so fun. Blogging a ton. Helped out older sis at long-term sub (for family friend)- loved those kids. So many stories :) Back to Fresno (didn't want to leave cozy & cleaned out room at home), back to school - mixed emotions: happy, excited, hesitant, not looking forward to homework & deadlines -almost done though- only one more semester! (well, after this one). Loving being with sis again. Internship this semester! -Yay & ugh all in the same sentence.- new classes (Deaf Culture! Advanced Ch Dev., Internship, online not needed class?), Tutoring again, Saturday Sports & Neighborhood Thrift again, possibly subbing at practicum toddler site (hopefully, God! Please make it work if you want it to!), possibly new (or old) Lifegroup, possibly WSM- high schoolers! Lots of possibilities :)
Aaaannnd.....the rest is to be continued.....
Basically, because I'm living it!

Needless to say, I have definitely lived in 4 very different places with 4 very different views from the window by my desk in the different locations. But you know what? This last one is the best, because I'm with my sis. AND I'm living it right now :)

My Weekend

sleep in. Check e-mail & such. Get ready & lunch with the best girls ever: Wilma, Ruby, Betty, & Ethel! Sunnyside Deli: first time but a good time: full turkey sandwich- hold the onions, garden herb pita chips, & water.
Internship class for 50 min. Chatted with the coolest girl, Noelle, about our doubts & fears for our sites. Learned about her site: Christian adoption agency- way cool!
Library: 10th Ave. North cd- good!
Went to Audrey's (Wilma's) house: What Not To Wear, volleyball + peppering = sore forearms. Cool & squishy grass, nice, warm, spring weather sunset, dark sky, brilliant & ginormous moon. Guitar on a table. Fun! Yuck- tune guitar! Played a song but
could not remember the words. For like 20 minutes. Friend transposed chords (thanks Luffy!). Fingers numb. Learned new songs. Inspired- yet freakishly cold & couldn't read chords on the paper in the dark.
Audrey's house. Could read the chords with light. Getting frustrated yet more familiar with new chords. Not allowed to help with dinner. Twas amazing food. What Not to Wear again.
Home. Friends. bed. saturday sports tomorrow? hmm......

Saturday Sports- amazing, fun, exciting, encouraging, like-I'd-never-been-gone. Saw some of the kids at my apt. complex later. Note to self: try to meet them next week. Jump rope, stamps, ink all over hands. Awesome.
Home. brunch. Nap. Friends. Awesome dinner: salad with romaine, orange bell pepper, cucumber, craisins, dried apricots, apples, & ranch. Pasta: saucy parmesan with grape tomatoes. Grocery shopping. Best dessert: vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate shavings, caramel & hot fudge sauce. Scrumdealyumptuous. Blog stalking. Late night talk with the sister.

slept in. Lovely, warm, & long shower (yay- it's fixed! No more leaking tub!).
Cheerios. Dick Van Dyke show.
Andy Griffith Show (lots of whistling.) (and making fun of sister's inability to whistle).
Check e-mail. Read one from teacher of online class.
Started freaking out about online class.
Lunch: leftover teriyaki chicken ala TJ's: so-so, not amazing, not horrible.
Started hyperventilating about online class.
(Spilled food on ground.) Vacuum. (Needed to do it anyway.)
Checked to see what other class would substitute for anxiety inducing online class. Found many. networked (fb) to find an easy one.
Started wondering if said class could still be dropped. (when is "serious & compelling" deadline?) (and what does that even refer to? "Well, uh, I died so I need to drop my classes." That serious enough?! ridikilous.)
Friends came to the rescue with options.

But finally


One friend suggested CDDS 139.
A class I am already taking. AH!!!!!!! And it double counts for my minor AND an upper ge requirement!!

Thank you Lord! and
Why In The World Am I Taking Two Classes to Meet the Requirement For One Section?!!!!!! Like seriously?!

Okay, dropping said class like it's hot. Thanks friend for reminding me of my weird mistake. Checked out schedule. Yes, I can drop it!! Gotta talk to mom. Sorry about the whole mess with getting a book I don't need AT ALL now :(

Meanwhile....sister's good friend & former roommate from Hume stopped by. Fun conversation. Sister & friend talked about everything. like everything. Twas fun. Suggested she stay for dinner. She stayed.
Whipped up some taco salad with ground turkey instead of hamb. meat (tres good!) & some blueberry-peach cobbler for dessert. Yum! Add more sugar to batter next time though.
Time to leave for church! Ah! Scrambled to clean up dinner, get ready, & skeedaddle. Left earlier than last week but still a little late. Oh, good, friends saved seats. Saw totally super cool old friend: Still want to help out with WSM? We need you!" Me: 'Uh, oh, umm. I sort of forgot about that conversation with you.' "That's cool. But you should still come! On Tuesdays, with h.s., lead lifegroup & youth group." "Me, hmmm. Gotta think and pray." Excited yet, hesitating. 'Should I God?' Sounds like a quiet, 'YES!' Saw even more totally super cool old friends. Kara: come to the Well! Sit with us! We love you! Let's watch crappy tv & bash on it again this semester! Oh wait, no tv at our place.
Awesome message from Brad via video. Great challenges, knowledge, info, Word of God, truth, and encouragement given. Go God! Go lifegroups! Go spiritual growth! Go Biblically measured! (that's my target area to work on) Go tons more Wellian vocab: the core, the seven. er. um. I'm working on my uneasiness with this growing list of vocab. we have at the Well. Good church, great teaching, good people, tons of specific jargon & Well-specific words used. Although, sad bc I'm almost done with my first ever somewhat sporadically contributed to journal for church notes & God (thoughts, prayers, cries, & questions).
Awesome singing & time of worship. Reign In Us. Before the Throne. Revelation Song. Marvelous Light with different rhythm & tune: sounds cool! Glory to God........something happened with a girl needing medical attention suddenly. Get water! Get an emt! God, please be with her, help her not to be embarrassed, and keep her safe- with whatever happened!
Singing stopped abruptly. But we still learned, loved, & worshiped God despite the strange ending. Mind spinning with possibilities of ways to serve at church! WSM? Old Lifegroup? Add new class? Hmmm....
(no time for Target- ah!! Tomorrow :)
AAaaaand, home.
Dishes, cobbler, fb, e-mail, more class searching, praying, & exciting about maybe WSM? Yes! I think it's a yes about the timing, the need, and the lives needing to be loved on. You know what God? I love you!

Funny anecdote:
Rach just told me that I'm "so good at typing with one hand that I should be a person with only one hand so that I can use my talent or gift or something."

She is strange.

And weird.

And apparently looks younger than me? (by a weird dude at TJ's) First time in my life this has happened people!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


I had so much fun today!
(And after a rather sleepless night filled with early morning wake-up calls to pain, I needed it.)

Woke up, got ready, went to lunch with some of my best friends that I hadn't seen in a loong time (yummy food),
went to class
(talked to a really nice girl, Noelle- fun spelling!),
went to the library (good cd),
went to a friends' house (watched What Not To Wear),
went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather,
played some volleyball,
played guitar until my fingers were numb as the sun set,
said friend cooked an amazing yet delish dinner, watched more WNTW
had the best sugar cookies (I should have grabbed some more before I left!),
came home,
read my friends' blog about her new little boy- man isn't he the cutest little chubby thing?!

and now I'm going to watch an episode of Friends before calling it a night around eleven!

God is good.
Thank you for blessing me with great friends,
money to buy good food to eat with great friends,
and a car to get to school and then over to my friends' house!

Oh and thanks to the sis who let me have the parking spot. (For future reference: leaving me the spot is always an instant bright spot in my day. Seems simple, but it's definitely a blessing -even if our neighbor parks way too close to our spot :)

Last night

After driving around for a bit, trying to decide where to go,
I went to IHOP with the sister.
We ordered the same thing (no surprise there).
The classic: eggs, hashbrowns, and All You Can Eat pancakes.

And let me tell you,
that food was good!

Also, I should add that we went at 8 o'clock at night
so everything was definitely fresh and made right after we ordered.
No heat-lamp food for us!

Anyways, we sat in a corner booth all to ourselves.
And because it was so cold where we sat, I ordered some hot water.
(Yes, I know it's weird to just get hot water, but it's cheap and warm.
The perfect combo for any well-trained Wilhelm,
or at least for those trained by my mom- so basically my sisters and I :)

At one point when I was drinking my lovely hot water, Rach said that we were like a bunch of old ladies with us both ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, sitting by ourselves in a corner booth, and me drinking out of a cute-yet tiny diner mug that reminded her of the ones our grandparents have.

In the end, we had a lovely time catching up on the week,
talking about new people we were getting to know in our classes,
and eating the freshest and well-cooked food I have ever had at an IHOP.
(Which is actually saying a lot because we used to go to IHOP all the time in highschool.)

Oh, and then we had to find an ATM.
But we didn't get there before Rachel went into a Chinese restaurant
and completely made a fool of herself trying to ask the owner
(who she now knows obviously didn't know any English) where a nearby ATM was.

Rachel: Do you know where the closest ATM is?
Chinese man: ATM?

Rachel: ATM??
Chinese man: ATM?

Rachel: .....ATM?
Chinese man: ATM?

Yep, they could have gone all night!

The guy who eventually helped her was an awesome guy.
But I couldn't help but tell her that he totally laughed as she was leaving :)

Hahahaha. Ask her about that one some time.

What I Wore Today pictures to be posted soon.


I want to write a song about this someday.....

Luke 1:78-79
"because of the tender mercy of our God,
by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven
to shine on those living in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the path of peace."

and this....

Matthew 3:8
"Produce fruit in keeping with repentance."

and this....

Psalm 103:10
"...he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities."

Amen! Thank you God for that last one!

Luke 1:74-75

God please help me to serve you today
without fear,
in holiness

God thank you for sending Jesus
"to rescue us from the hand of our enemies,
and to enable us to serve him without fear
in holiness and righteousness before him all our days."
-Luke 1:74-75

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ugh, I am so contemplative today.

I can't stop thinking.

I'm super sad for some reason. And I just want to be happy.

It's tiring trying to live off of emotions.

I need some hope, purpose, inspiration, a glimmer of passion.

Please answer my cries God.

I remember.

I remember a time two years ago when I was on a trip to a Christian event.
It was a really built up, dramatic thing.
I felt so out of place. Just like I do now.
I was supposed to experience a great high; change my life.

But I didn't.

The whole time I was there, I saw people connecting with God. Being revived by the words spoken just for them. I remember crying to God and asking him to be there for me.
He was meeting the needs of so many people in the large building.

But he was not there for me.

Rewind back to the beginning of the trip.
I was sitting in the backseat of one of the vans taking ridiculous pictures with my sister and our good friend.
I felt the disconnect even in the beginning of the trip.
I longed for God, but he was not there.
He was not answering me.

While getting to the beginning of the grapevine, it started raining.
Then, the whole car became quiet as the rain turned into a downpour and snow even started to fall. The driver could barely see a few feet in front of him. I was so grateful to be in the back, and for a moment, pretend to be a much younger version of myself. One who did silly things with my friends and didn't know how to drive and couldn't see the dangerous weather.

However, for one fleeting moment, I looked out of the back window.
And squinting my eyes, I saw a rainbow. Growing faint in the darkening sky and worsening weather, the rainbow quickly grew harder and harder to see.
But God was there.
Seeing the rainbow through the gray skies and rain covered window, I remembered God's promise to never flood the earth again.
And for that moment, I was okay.
Life still wasn't perfect or back to some semblance of normal, but I had heard God's whispering voice.
And as I quickly tried to grab a picture of the whisper spoken to me, I realize now that I was meant to go on that entire trip for that small moment. If only for that one.
God heard me, met me, and spoke to my spirit.

I remember God.

And Please do so again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking me over

I have soo been feeling this way lately.
Letting that one thing affect everything else.

And why should it even matter?

Ugly Baby Judges You

I thought I should write a little something to document this gloriously sunny day.

A little background: it has been rainy, cloudy, and windy for the past week in Bakersfield AND Fresno for the past couple of weeks. And because I was in both of those cities, I simply couldn't get away from the storm and overcast/gray/yucky skies.

But today. Oh, TODAY.

I woke up.

Sister cracked the (super) squeaky door open, came in, and immediately started talking to me.

Might I add that usually I will not say anything for a good ten minutes after waking up. That's just how I roll.

Anyways, she says she wants to go to the farmer's market, and in her excitement, doesn't even see that I merely opened my eyes the tiniest of fractions when she came in.

But then, THEN.

I turned over, and through the half opened blinds I saw..........SUN!!

And, so, I smiled. A big, lazy, unbelievably happy and giddy smile.

Also, I should add that I am totally a California girl. I live for sun, springtime, burning your feet on the warm sidewalk while getting the mail, vacation spent outside in warm weather, fudgsicles dripping down your fingers, getting lightly sunburned after playing hard outside (but no thank you melanoma- you are not welcome here), and I most certainly do NOT dream of a white Christmas (snow is fun to look at but not to be in).

So anyways, after a week filled with downpours and non-stop drizzling rain, came the SUN!

So, after she forced her way under the covers and I didn't talk for a good 5 minutes while I woke up, we got up, got ready for the day (as our mom would say), and then went off to the farmer's market.

Not even a closed on-ramp to the 41 North could deter our happiness over being outside in such glorious weather. After driving a few roads I have never been on in my four years of living in Fresno, we made it to the market and had a blast! We tried some cheese, bought some tangerines and tomatoes, and I picked out a lovely bunch of flowers ironically called stalk.
After getting home, we put our purchases away, I arranged the flowers in some vases, and we set out to make an uh-mazing brunch of Swedish pancakes, poached eggs, chicken apple sausages, and smoothies a la my new amazing (Christmas gift) blender!

After eating our scrumptious meal, we then preceded to watch 4 episodes of Friends (season 8).
And when I was almost asleep, I decided we should take a walk to go get the mail (there wasn't any) and check out the gym (it's only open during office hours so we haven't ever used it).

Then, after walking back, we both found our respective computers, and spent some time taking care of bidness. I went upstairs to chase the sunlight. It was streaming through the blinds, making me breathless with the way it gorgeously lit up my room. (Oh how I love the sun, a peaceful room, and living in CA!)
After an hour or two- the light has faded and I now have a spectacular view of the most brilliant sunset. Oh, oh, God is good.

So to sum up, this day has been wonderful, I have been quite happy and felt very blessed to have lovely weather today, and I had fun being with the best friend I have ever had in my whole life thus far, my twin :)

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is talent

Not saying I endorse every song, artist, or video on here,
but this is definitely composed with talent!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Some simple things I get an insane amount of pleasure from:

a freshly made bed
vacuum lines on carpet
House Beautiful
crisp cotton sheets
origami calendars
reading! and reading, and reading (a good book is best when read over and over in the course of a week :)
seeing sunlight stream through a window in the afternoon
nail polish
Imogen Heap
seeing Daffodils start to pop up in the soil after winter
ice cream. Chocolate, Mint Chip (from RiteAid), and Peppermint Stick Ice Cream (from Dewar's)
going to see cheesy movies with my mom
learning songs on my guitar
hanging out with my little cousin
cutting my hair surprisingly short
collecting odd things (example: I collected rocks, feathers, and straws as a child. Weird, I know.)

deep cleaning my room & getting rid of bags & bags of junk
therefore, an empty closet! (or as close to one as I'll ever get :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Also, so good.

So true.


Life is truly bittersweet sometimes.

Yesterday my older sister received a long-term substitute teaching job.
After asking who she was subbing for, my mom told me that it was a family friend.
I started laughing because the friend teaches kindergarten. 'Kelly's going to have a fun time with that!' I thought.
Then my Mom went on to say that our friend needs a substitute because her husband has throat cancer.

'Oh.' I said.

Ever since my great aunt died of lung cancer in November, my entire family has been especially wary of friends and family members who are sick or dying.

Later that night my mom asked Rachel and I, "How do you get throat cancer if you've never smoked?" (Referring to our friend.)

To which Rachel replied, "How do you get lung cancer if you've never smoked?"


At the other end of the spectrum, while at Disneyland last Tuesday, I received a text message that a mom I babysit for had her third baby boy that morning! What joy and happiness I felt for her and her family. What gratitude and thanksgiving to God was in my heart.

Bitter.sweet. I tell you.

That's life.

Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE33ejdgWIY&feature=related
Also, this is great too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkBh5ObVyww


First thoughts:
"I want to read a book of the Bible all the way through. No time limit. I just want to read and learn. I want to read a book from the Gospels that I haven't really read much from and I don't know too much about. Hmmm....what about Luke? Wasn't he a doctor? Doesn't that mean he gives a doctorly point of view? I wonder what that could be like? Hm.... Okay, I'm going to read Luke."

After opening up my Bible, I soon found out that.....
the book of Luke in the Bible is simply amazing!

I started reading the first chapter last night and it just took my breath away!

I had to read it through three times because there were so many interesting things.
Here are just a few notes:

-The first few verses talk about how there are many versions of what Luke writes about. His is not a firsthand account but a careful investigation of previously shared narratives.

-vs. 5 is Zechariah the same man from the book of Zechariah? I'm not 100% sure, but after reading vs 1 of Zechariah and then vs. 5 of Luke, I don't think they're the same.

-vs. 12 Zechariah was fearful when an angel appeared to him in the temple.
Well I would be too! But what does it actually mean? Did this happen often? Does the note from vs. 6 that Z and his wife were both upright in God's eyes therefore allow him an encounter with an angel?

-vs. 14 John is not to drink any fermented drink. Hmmm.....interesting. Why?
Also, "he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from birth." Wow! And what does that mean entirely? Oh yeah, people didn't receive the Holy Spirit until after Jesus died and he sent his spirit into the bodies of believers (and when he blessed the disciples with it). I can't even imagine not having the Holy Spirit within me. Or even imagine the experience of receiving it when Jesus sent it out. (Is that the right verb?)

-vs. 18 Z asks the angel
He actually thinks to talk to the angel. Ask him a question. wow!
He does bring up good points though (humanly speaking). Come on Z! You're talking to an angel! Like one of God's messengers and spiritual beings!

-vs. 19 Gabriel. Oh yeah. Same dude. Heard of him before.
Oh, oops. Z, you made a huge mistake. Apparently, even if you don't believe an angel, it is incomplete faith in God. Yeah. Big oops. No more talking for nine months. Mhmm. Hope I don't ever blow something like that.

-vs. 22 I wonder what kind of signs Z was making.

-vs. 23 Wow. So not only did Z have a conversation, an encounter with an angel, he had to then complete his time as the priest in the temple giving the offerings to the altar, and then he could return home. I wonder if he wanted to get home sooner to get the babymaking happen? :)

-vs. 24 Known for being barren, Elizabeth became pregnant just like Gabriel said she would. But for five months she "remained in seclusion." I wonder why? What's up with that? Wouldn't they want everyone to know their good news and about God's miracle??

-vs. 25 Also, apparently Elizabeth was disgraced by her neighbors and community. Why? Well I guess it's because she was barren. Culturally, things were a lot different from where I'm living right now. Oh yeah. Thanks for that reminder God!

-vs. 26 Gabriel shows up again, this time to Mary. After Gabriel says, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you," Mary is fearful. Darn right! Although, why? Obviously it's an angel. But is it a ghostly, mostly transparent but sometimes fully human-looking being? I wonder......

vs. 34 Good Q.

vs. 36 & 37, E known for being barren, is preggers! "For nothing is impossible with God." Uh yeah! You got that right! I mean, come on! a notoriously barren woman of a certain age suddenly is pregnant. And then a young virgin is having a conversation with an angel?!!! Come on! I think it's only fitting to say verse 37 again and again! NOTHING is impossible with God! There, I said it :) And with a little self-imposed emphasis.

vs. 38, Mary answers congenially and then the angel leaves. She only asked him two questions, and then she's going to be pregnant with the SON of GOD! How big is that?! It seems only fitting, that she would have a song a few verses later!

vs. 39 Mary goes quickly to visit her cousin. What about Joseph? What does he know yet? If he did know already about his soon-to-be-born son, how did he feel, having Mary go visit her cousin indefinitely. I mean, I would definitely not want to miss out on such a pregnancy! Or did Mary or Gabriel even tell him? So many questions!!

vs. 42-45 Elizabeth greets Mary warmly, telling her about her baby filled with the Holy Spirit, kicking when she heard her voice. Mary is treated differently as the mother of God's Son now for the first time. Not necessarily treated, but revered, respected, or held in gratitude.

vs. 46 & 47 Wait...this sounds familiar! I think I know this. Well, duh, I recognize the words as part of 'Mary's song', but it really does sound familiar! Oh yeah, I know an acappella song that sings these two verses.

Monday, January 4, 2010


so when you're smaller than a chair.....

This note from a blogger really caught my attention.
What can you do when you're smaller than a chair that you can't do once you get to be the same size or bigger than said chair?

(smaller than a chair)

Apparently when you're smaller than a chair, you can read books really fast.
Like 10 in 5 minutes :)

i'm loving


I am loving these artists:
Imogen Heap
Brandon Heath
Steph Plant
Jason Gray
Andy Gullahorn

This blog:

And then, of course, this is simply UH-MAYZING!!!

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

And then, there's this book:

Another cool concept:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Memories from my days of watching Sesame Street every Monday and Wednesday at 11 o'clock with some cute-patutie twin boys...

And then, the one that made me cry from laughter.
(The boys looked at me like 'Whaa?' and then sort of huh, huh, huh chuckled while looking at each other and then back at me.)

Enjoy. Your day has just become two times more Sesame-y!

So Sorry


I have always wanted to do one of those photo-a-day projects.

However, the main reason I tend to stay away from such projects is because they become just that, a project.

In lieu of this project, I am going to take on another type of yearlong project....doing my origami calendar! As this is the second time I have received this as a Christmas gift, I am going to try to tackle it again. Although this time I want to make it past May or somewhere around the time I stopped doing my first one :)

So, yes, it's out there.
I'm going to do it.
And now, anyone with access to the Internet may now hold me accountable to this silly goal of mine.

I might even throw in a picture or two to fulfill my goal of origami and to fulfill my desire to photograph a year of my life. But I just don't know. We'll have to wait and see :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


listen to this!

I just had to put this up.

Describes how I'm feeling in this lovely moment.

I am so blessed and loved.

P.s. Is it okay to say that I want to be quite a LOT like Joy Williams when I grow up?
Well, at least the singer-songwriter part :)

Friday, January 1, 2010


New Years Resolutions for 2010:

Let me preface this by saying that I don't usually make any resolutions at all, but I think I'll try to do a few things differently this year.

1. Take more time to Pray. Goal-oriented future and others-focused prayer.
2. Serve more.
. a. Note to self: Sleeping in can happen next weekend :)
. b. Go on a missions trip outside of the country!
3. Give more.
. a. Cleanse and purge unneccessary things from my life.
. b. Foster a spirit of generosity. Every day. of my life. Self: 'Don't be so stingy!'
4. Procrastinate less.
. a. Work hard. and ahead of time.
. b. Sleep! Have better sleep habits (going to bed early when I can).
5. Do more!
. Read more, get out and explore more, try new things more, eat, laugh, and love more!

Thanks God for teaching me, molding me, and changing me this past year. THanks for the life you have given me and the relationships I have had with friends, family, and even strangers! YOU are awesomesauce. Following you should be easy-peasy. But, alas, it is not. I'm still in this if you are! Love ya!
Go 2010!