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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A play of sorts

here are some things you can do to make your valentine feel special on that certain day......

Cast of Characters
buy: red stamp pad, stamp, & doily hearts @ the Dollar Store. cost: $3
........ roll of packing paper @ the Dollar Store. cost: $1
........ wrapping ribbon @ the Dollar Store. cost: $1
........ graph paper notebook @ Target. cost: $1.69
........ roll of red-ish $1-section wrapping paper @ Target. cost: $1
grab: old rope-ish string used long ago on a missions trip. cost: free
.......... page hole protectors (for ruled paper)/white sticker/small label. cost: free
.......... random sheets from linen closet (yes-I'm a lucky duck that my apt. has one!). cost: free
.......... favorite season of Friends/shared fave tv show/movie. cost: free if gifted
.......... blankets & pillows. cost: free if gifted or cheap if borrowed/thrifted
.......... white christmas lights/table lamps/candles. cost: cheap if borrowed/thrifted
.......... miscellaneous chocolate products + anything for dipping in choc.+pb mixture. cost: around $2
make: heart garland (night before). cost: free
........... shortbread cookies (night before). cost: about $3
........... chocolate chip + peanut butter mixture (night before). cost: about $2
..../buy  ingredients for favorite meal. cost: depends on meal! Classy: $$ Casual: $

Act I: (the night before)
Make shortbread cookies. I used a simple recipe & thought they were too plain (not enough sugar & no salt= sad taste buds). Enter: choc.+pb mixture!

Make mixture: pour 1 cup chocolate chips in microwavable bowl. Microwave for 20 seconds. Stir and then microwave in 20 second increments until quite soft. Add 1/4 cup natural pb partway through microwaving & stir (plain, old fashioned peanuts & salt  peanut butter).   Stir until glossy & thoroughly combined. If yours becomes thick & pastey like mine did, just add 1 tsp of milk until smooth. Drizzle mixture over cookies. Refrigerate.
Act II: (the day of)

Gather cast of characters.

Make heart garland night before. Since I don't have a sewing machine, I simply scoured magazines for big sections of red/dark pink & tore the page out. Then, I cut out hearts in 3 different sizes: bitty, medium, & grande. Then I paper clipped them onto wrapping ribbon.

Assemble cards: cut 1 sheet graph paper in 1/2 width ways. Fold the (now) 2 pieces of paper in 1/2 to resemble rectangular shapes (size of playing cards). Stamp fun valentine's-y stamp on front & another fun stamp on inside of card. Write message on card to your valentime.

envelope template, save to computer, & stretch to desired size
(to fit card inside middle space). Print, cut out, & trace onto red wrapping paper (if making multiple cards, alternate wrapping papers for fun, eclectic style). (*or do what I did & trace template from your computer screen:) Cut out, glue together, place card inside, & seal with hole protector/label/sticker. Decorate outside with cutout heart/flowers/etc. from contrasting wrapping paper.

various items for dipping in choc.+pb mixture. My faves: pretzels, banana, marshmallows, graham crachers.

Hang rope/string from two walls in family room. Cover with sheets to make a tent (allowing for line of sight of tv from opening).

Hang garland & lights from tent. (Or place candles around room & table lamps strategically inside tent.)

in favorite disc/episode of Friends in dvd player. Cue dvd player and turn off tv.
*Keep remote handy!*

Place pillows and blankets inside tent. Also, place card (in envelope) strategically by remote inside of tent.

Make & plate dinner.

Turn on lights a few minutes before your valentine arrives. Also, place dinner (& essentials) in tent, light candles, and turn on tv.

Act III: (the evening of)
When valentine arrives, greet with a hug and allow time for them to get settled (changed/drink/bathroom).

Then....give the card, start dinner, and press play on dvd. Eventually have dessert of cookies & choc.+pb mixture with dipping sides!

And there you have a   very nice valentines celebration.


That just happened!

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