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Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Song!!

LOve this one!!

*Don't forget to pause the music player on the right -->

Here's another one from the husband of Blanca from Group 1 Crew:

New artist Kerrie Roberts!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


disappointed, and angry, and frustrated, and annoyed, and excited and nervous.

That's how I feel.

A jumble. A scribble.

And here is a pictorial representation:

and in happier times:
a beautiful mess!

.....because I know that "in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 8:37-39

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun video!

Sound a little familiar?
I can't quite place where I have heard it before. Maybe in a movie?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So I'm back from vacationing in Monterrey and into the (almost) triple digit heat. :(

As we were driving into Fresno yesterday we got off the 99 at Shaw Ave. when my dad realized the car was overheating really badly. So he immediately shut off the ac, rolled down the windows, and cranked up the heater. (apparently the heater can help the engine to cool off somehow) To put this into perspective, we had been driving for a loong time with fairly heavy traffic (read: s.l.o.w.) and when we had our picnic by the coast we were cold and wearing coats. Then, we slowly drove into the dry valley heat and then bam! We hit really bad traffic, heat, and had to quickly usher in that heat with rolled down windows and a cranked up heater! Ah! That was an experience :) Luckily, we only started overheating once we got into town and not earlier, but Rachel and I were glad we weren't driving the 2 more hours to Bakersfield with our family :)

We had a fun time in Monterrey and I think my first time as the 'event planner' for our trip was a success :)

We did many fun things (probably post on that later) and now that we're back in the dry, dry heat of Fresno, we're just glad to stay inside in the ac.

We don't really have that much food in the fridge, just random stuff like super old hot dog buns, basil, limes, and leftovers from last night. Needless to say, I had a microwaved poached egg & toast for breakfast. (I have been super into toast lately!) I think I just might have those leftovers from Little Peking: orange chicken, steamed rice, one egg roll, & one fried shrimp. yummm!!! I'm not usually into egg rolls (& I try not to eat fried foods too often), but I'm hoping they will be good!

I'm so sad that I left my Newman's Own Pesto & Tomato Sauce from Grocery Outlet in the car :( I can just imagine eating a pasta dish with this sauce on top & then sopping up the extra sauce with Artisan rolls from Fresh & Easy (ohmagoodness. simply uhmazing!). Maybe paired with a salad of romaine, homegrown tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, raisins, hard boiled eggs, and Newman's Own Olive Oil & Vinegar Dressing on top?
Wow. I just made my mouth water a ton :)   I still haven't had lunch okay? :)
Now some people may say that's a lot of processed flour, but I don't care for whole grain wheat pasta unless it's mixed with other things. And the rolls .are.a.mUst. with that type of delicioso sauce! Now that I think about it, a whole grain wheat pasta might actually be good with that sauce. And a few shavings of a salty parmesan on top of course!
Now that I'm so excited about this, I think I might actually make this when a friend comes to town tomorrow!

Also, while sitting in my pleasant ac-regulated apartment,  I discovered a few fun blogs last week that might be fun to check out.
{Eat, Live, Run}  has yummy looking recipes and fun stories of a California newbie &
{Ashley Ann Photography}'s blog has fun DIY posts and other fun things (design, family, food)
also, as I was catching up on designmom's blog, I found some other fun things like:
{Kelly's Cakery} where you can make virtual cakes & banana splits to raise money for ovarian cancer research
{White on Rice Couple} has a fantastic blog where you can find great posts on food and fantastic pictures
{Oh How She Glows} is an interesting blog of a girl who detoxed and started to eat healthier & has interesting recipes (a little too -natural-foods-intense for me though)
I really miss reading Pioneer Woman & deisgnmom, but I have to really limit my time on them bc they're so comprehensive!
{The Story of Us} is always a fun little peek into a super cute girl's life of friends, family, and designy fun!

Okay, I think that's enough for now :)

Oh, my sister mentioned to me yesterday (after we scored some fun -& super current- free magazines @ the Monterrey Library) that she almost bought me a magazine last week about flea market finds. I would simply LOVE it! But like she pointed out, 8 bucks is a lot for a magazine! Such a nice thought Kelly :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts from a random day.

Lately, every time I go to check something out at the library I cringe at the notice of my fines.
I currently owe $9.75 but I swiftly touch the screen to go past that part and continue on with checking out my books.

I guess that's what I get for stealing music from the library. and movies. (well, really, I'm just putting them on my computer. Not simply never returning them. But, yeah, I know it's still stealing.)
Or not. There are seriously dumb people who work at the library closest to my abode and after turning in two items (admittedly, they were already 2 days late as I forgot & was out of town) I realized ten days later that they were never checked back in. After calling to fix that problem, I later discovered I was still fined for having them checked out for over two days ($4.25). However, before that, I went to pick up a few things on hold and while browsing the movie selection, I saw one of the very things I still had checked out on the shelf. As in, my movie was put on the shelf without ever even being checked back in. ugh. ah!

I'm heading to cooler weather tomorrow morning and realized how much I have missed wearing layers, longsleeves, and cute scarves! eek! That means I need to be getting in bed -pronto!

Also, I have been talking myself out of having ice cream for the past two hours.
Being honest though, it's more like talking myself into it :)

Also, if I'm being honest I must admit I'm super excited for this little trip because it's the first time in a loong time that my whole entire family has been on a summer vacation! WooT! Although we're not going to one of my favorite places on earth, we're still going to have bunches of fun! That reminds me that I need to finish packing because here I am at 12:20 and I think I need to add a few more things. :)
Here are a few packing tips that my older sister and I perfected when we were younger (as in, learned the hard way):
.....always double check that you packed your toothbrush. (and toothpaste....added later to said list:)
.....always make sure you pack your pillow  (and an extra pillowcase ....added later as well)
.....always bring a sweater (comes quite in handy: instant pillow, window-sun-blocker, chilly-ac-your-seat-partner-aimed-at-you-warmer-upper, & the ever popular driving arm suntan preventer)
.....always bring a book (or five)
.....bring a plastic bag for any & all unforeseen problems-er-uses
.....always bring an extra pair of underwear (a mandatory rule given by the mother)

And finally, a little peek at my traveling destination:

eek! Soo excited! (Imagine a hUge smiley-faced-me right here -->    :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I thought it might be fun to do a little update with pictures.
Here is what my spring & summer have looked like.

Spring included:
Graduation for most of my FPU friends

 Amanda (Mangle)
Nicole (Betty) & Audrey (Wilma)

included: lots of traveling, fun,
& pictures taken by other people :) I didn't take most of these- too busy living!

lots of hanging out with Whitey
Whitey (and no, the name didn't come from her shiny-white cheeks :)
Trips with sisters
Me & Whitey @ Superior
Bec & Kell

visits from Grandparents
Grandma Doris & Grandpa Herb
Riteaid Ice Cream
Afternoons in the park
with Milo!
My baptism at Woodward Park
declaring my faith to the world
dunked! Thank you God for giving me new life in you!
lots of iced tea :)
hanging out w/WSM friends
3rd grade - The Rattlers
Saddle Ridge Ranch
no, he's not a gardener- he's just western :)
More kittens
their tiny nails made tiny scratches
she had to be forced to hold one. seriously :)
night-before-birthday fun
Gran's (late) 80th bday party (day after my 23rd bday!)
Gran & Gramps (Opal & Paul Wilkinson)
more cousin love (& fun w/the camera)
free 7.11 oz. slurpees on 7/11!



Please forgive my earlier attempts (previous 2 lines of gibberish) at 'beating the system' of what blogspot is :)
I thought it was actually a pretty genius idea. (And then just now I spelled genius genuis.)