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Saturday, February 26, 2011

the end of the trio

For context, read these posts about blogging and commenting first.

After all the madness that actually commenting on my favorite/newfound blogs brought, I decided to actually enter some giveaways.

Because, well.....Why wouldn't  random.org pick me?!

And you know what??

It did!

And my name + comment(s) were mentioned in a post on the blogs! eep!
see here  and   here

I was very thankful of the bloggers see sparkle power! and our humble abowed.
And also of the gifters. Here and here.

And since they weren't things I specifically requested to have -but were instead purely fun things to win, I immediately thought of gifting my new giveaway prizes to friends & family.

The little hat is going to this friend, the booties will be saved for a future baby shower, and the magnets are going to reside on my yellow-loving sis & I's fridge.

Here's a follow up on my commenting shpiel:
Here's an awesome post about the true nature of blogging and what it should be fostering in women : Don't let insecurities be your drive for writing/reading blogs. Instead, Be encouragers!

Favorite lines from said post:
"...a woman's insecurities only get amplified in the blogging world. we have great imaginations...so we fill in the blanks between people's snapshots and stories they choose to put on the "intranet" that day."

"so ya, in not-so-many words, secret stalkers don't make friends. come out of the bushes and say hi."

please do as she says, and come say hi.

As I said before, it feels awesome to discover a comment.
Either from new or old friends.
Proof from the Girl Scouts: "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."
and no, I wasn't a GS- just a satisfied cookie customer :)

And that, my dear is the end of this trio of posting.

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