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Friday, February 11, 2011


*warning: proceed with caution!
treasures & landmines ahead! (tons of links)* 
i love going to the dentist

i lock my knees whenever I put on my makeup

i sit on my legs funny whenever I sit at my computer on my desk. I look like I'm crumping when I get up.

yes, i just used the word 'crumping.'

i tend to go for long stretches of time in the winter without shaving my legs.

i just found out you're supposed to change your toothbrush every month. since i have not............eww!

i made these carrot cake bars with awesome frosting! last week. cake didn't turn out so good. frosting, once again, awesome!

i would appreciate this for another early birthday gift.

i dislike the sense of entitlement I've attained.

i went to a power team event one time at a church. i was not very enthused  -more like "huh??"

i love, love, love having two! sisters that love to cook. cooking is very draining for me.

i like to wear my thin socks my mom got me from alaska under my boots. they have bears, fish, and 'Alaska' on them :)
i would like a blog design makeover from this girl, or this girl

i found this cool store!

i taught myself how to play guitar. but haven't played in over a year. just waiting for it to feel right. ?

i want to re-teach myself how to play the clarinet. my little E-flat woodwind was fun once upon a time.

i never fantasized too much about my wedding when I was little. However, I did have my roommate from college's wedding all planned out fairly quickly  just in my head :)  lilies, white, green, & yellows, a simple, satin-y dress, and a curly up-do.

i love to read. when I was younger, I would read literally anything. labels, packaging, signs, books, pamphlets, anything.

i used to go camping with my sister in our closet.
i don't even know how we fit in there.

i tend to hide certain shoes/food from a certain person I live with so said certain person won't wear/eat them.
it's a lost cause. she does anyway. i'm okay with that. sometimes

i used to be very addicted to tv.    not as much anymore. thank God!

i am most definitely a night owl.

i don't have very strong willpower over going to bed early.

i couple the above two things far too frequently, staying up waay too late and missing out on a lot of the next day.

i like long, hot showers.

i do not know how to dance.

i am glad 2 + 2 does not equal chair.
i have never been to a bar/club. don't worry, i'm good.

i don't know what else to say.

oh yeah, i'm usually a stickler for proper spelling/typing so not capitalizing all those 'i's was really hard!



  1. i love the links!! i clicked on a few... thanks for sharing. hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. just wanted to say "hi", nice to "meet" you, and thanks for entering my latest give-away.
    cheers to a great wknd!