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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bits and pieces

here are some bits and pieces you may not know about me.....

. I think I pulled a muscle from going on the monkey bars yesterday at the park
. and oh my, I forgot how much monkey bars hurt your hands!
. I have the uncanny ability to trip every time I wear my fake Uggs, no joke
. I also trip on my other foot every so often. Process: step out with L foot, jam R big toe into L heel, trip, almost eat it
. I have bouts of very sensitive teeth. I feel so pretentious asking for my water without ice at restaurants.
. I love doing workout videos from the comfort of my own living room.
. I tried doing a 10 min. one a few weeks ago and only lasted for 5 min.
. but,,,, today I made it through a whole one!
. I have a yucky bruise right above my hip from not going around the corner of the staircase railing all the way on Sunday. yes, I do periodically run/walk into things in that way. (i.e. corners of walls)
. I love me some avocados.
with salt!
on a piece of toast!
*just like my mom. wow. never thought I would!
. I joined bloglovin last week & I like it a lot!
. i heart ampersands! &=love
. i also heart graph paper/lines
. i also heart these { }  brackety-type things
. i also heart etsy  -such a great source of inspiration!
. studying Kay Arthur's, Lord I Want to Know You. It's an awesome study of the names of God!
. my favorite finds at UO have all had a price tag of $4.99   . yes! Five Dollars!
. I have two official comments from bloggers I stalk like but haven't ever met! eesh!
. last night I was looking at my blog stats and I have had readers from different continents! cuh-razy! how do they even find little old me?
. one of my dad's friends found my blog last year and read a bunch of posts about my CL internship. It totally weirded me out. Like, totally. (fer sure. I just got a....  can anyone finish that?)
. one of my favorite little people can't say his 'er' suffixes. so.stinkin.precious. watew, anyone? monstews?
. making homemade V-Day cards makes me soo excited :) (read: craft-nerdy)
. my sister gives me funny, ridiculous, cuh-razy nicknames all the time. i love it. soo much :)
. I quite regularly call my sister after waking up so she'll come in my room and say good morning. hehe.
. for instance, I texted her last week: "Knock knock. Jwanna?"   . when she came in my room I said, "Jwanna come snuggle?"
. sometimes I think I'm obviously very clever.
but don't let that fool you.
I'm not.. this lovely, amazing, what-a-blessing girl is having a birthday tomorrow!!

and last but not least,
. today I woke up to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

bam!that just happened!

What are some bits & pieces from your life?

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