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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Bit

cleaning my draft folder : 
....originally saved as a draft on April 30th....

Here are some little bits of my life over the last while.....

Update for my birthday wishlist:
Umm, yes.

or, these hot babies:

these  --->

imagine the above shoesies with colored tights!
maybe red?!

or these super cute wedgies:

(apparently I only want shoes : )
proof: here, here, here, and here

all shoes from payless.com
and no, I'm not a paid advertiser : )

-I had to buy THE most boring things ever at target.
lady stuff & sunscreen.
ugh. SO lame. but needed.
I didn't feel so bad when I noticed what the sunscreen said:
>  now look closer & maybe squint  <

ee he he.
Okay, okay. If I'm just protecting the pretty, I guess it's okay : )

-and yes, I haven't bought any sunscreen in years uh, awhile
and since I got a suuper horrible sunburn two weeks ago at the beach I decided to bite the bullet and buy some (full legs + kneepits, tops of feet, most of both ankles, front & back v-neck burn, AND face -minus- large sunglasses coverage   =  eew -now peeling = ew!).
One may think this is a weird reaction, since I:
A) have fair -white- skin
B) have a love-hate relationship with lotion-y type things. the texture is just so yucky
C) however, I have very dry skin. year round. hence the need for lotion/sunscreen. year. round. ugh.
D) am frugal hence paying $6 for something I don't even like or want to use is quite frustrating
E) all of the above

-my mom got excited about the royal wedding of Kate & William on Friday.
not enough to get up to watch it when it started though.
apparently my dad was up, watched some of the footage, noted it took for-e-ver for anything to happen.
and then he told my mom it reminded him of their wedding.
after telling me that, she said, "Isn't that so romantic?" with a little smile.
oh, parents : )

-a few weeks ago, I was getting ready for bed while noting police helicopters and sirens in the background.
however, they didn't just circle a few times and then move on.

..........actually became louder, stopped circling and was mostly hovering when a loudspeaker voice rang out "Come out with your hands OUT!"


soo strange / unsettling / intriguing (....would I be on the news later if I went outside?)

I truly do live in the ghe-tto.

For all of my (5) years of living in the 559 area code, this is a first.
Can't say I've ever actually experienced that before.

Now, have you?
: )

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