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Monday, May 16, 2011

on a day like today......

on a day like today.....

I'm eating a really smooshed/melty York peppermint patty.
and thinking about how much my mom likes them  : )

...I need the Lord to help me.
I'm really glad it's not the beginning of finals week.
finally, my first semester without finals! : )
I wish I could have this for dinner. I mean, um.... dessert.
I'm reminiscing about my time at my last college.
And I think it's silly that my major, is a part of the college of agricultural science.
I mean, really?
I wish I woke up thinking this.....
and that it was actually true  : )
this is making me laugh.
like crazy.

umm. three of my favorite songs.
yes. oh, yes.

Fun new-to-me band: Clarensau. check them out on Pandora.



  1. Grace, I got your comment over on my blog about co-sleeping. We have yet to take our son out of his crib yet. We haven't made it into a toddler bed yet because he hasn't climbed out or showed interest in climbing out.

    As for baby #2 on the way, we are planning to let the baby sleep in a pack n' play near our bed, but not actually "IN" our bed with us. That could always change, but right now, I feel like I'll be a better mom if I have as much sleep as I can get.

    Thanks for asking and i HOPE you're having a wonderful day! Love your blog! ;)