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Monday, May 2, 2011


My first link up!

After spending a day fasting from screens (tv/computer) for obvious reasons....
with this girl on the left -->
......here's how I got my crafty-ness on last night after church.

making an
upcycled t-shirt wreath.
(still a work in progress)
   ........um, yes!

braided jersey
so fun!
so easy!
Now I want to cut up all my shirts & get my craft back on today : )

In retrospect, it doesn't look very exciting.
Except that it was my first time using my rotary cutter & cutting board,
and also my first time making a wreath! Woot!

{New sights around the apt.}

clipboard from 4th grade + water color art (& a water color semi-fail)
wow. just realized that totally looks like actual mustard.
like I couldn't find paint so I used some from the fridge.

new wall art over the desk (something I did in highschool   --  needs to be framed).......
continuous line project
-drawing someone without picking up or looking down at the pencil-

to fill a space from a print I moved upstairs to my room   ...also needs to be framed.....

pencil project: draw something made of pencils : tulip in a vase

and the print upstairs....
yes, I realized it slid down. but I'm lazy, or uh, busy : )


  1. okay the tshirt wreath is AMAZING, what an awesome idea!!!!!!!!! hugs!!

  2. grace! i had NO IDEA all this time that you were THAT grace!!! omgosh! hi!