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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

queer things

There is a large marquee sign by a gas station near my apt.
It usually has really queer messages {or, que-ah as Mary Lennox would say with her lil British accent}.

My granddaughter
said you can

find a hippo in
a tree if you
look for
red toenails.


Uhhh, what??!


I just don't get the purpose behind some of the quirky messages.

Is it so that drivers will be puzzled for the rest of the day?
: )

Speaking of Mary Lennox, I'm super into The Secret Garden right now.
Although, it was freaking me out a little when I first started listening to it on cd.

When I watched it as a kid, I was always weirded out by the beginning and other eery parts of the movie.
Hello! Creepy Master Craven {aka hunchback weird-o & possibly bad father}

And all the references to springtime and 'bits of green' 'pushing up and struggling' make me smile from ear to ear.

Oh, how joyous and wonderful is spring!
And to think, God made it all!

I love the concept of
___plants, animals, and living things___
struggling as they work to
.........expand, &
..................bring forth
new life.

What an amazing depiction of the reality of life.


My favorite line from listening last night......

"The garden had reached the time when every day and every night
it seemed as if magicians were passing through it
drawing loveliness out of the earth and the boughs with wands."

Ummm, yes!
Such a lovely and enchanting line!
What a classic piece of literature!

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