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Monday, May 30, 2011

a picture for monday...

photo by me from 2009 :
the old Kings County Court House, Hanford, CA

You don't have to be.....
a donkey/elephant,
a right wing/left wing,
a conservative/liberal,
or pro/against war...

to be grateful.
to ready, salute, pledge.
to shed a tear when you see a vet.
to respect those who have gone before you.
to honor the living and the dead.
to respect those in gov't who run our democracy.
to realize sacrifice of family, dreams, time, and comfort.
or............... to say : thank you.

For all the men & women who serve our country of the United States of America in any way..............

Thank you.

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  1. how in the world did you EVER create your blog header? now you can make me one! :D please?... ready, salute.