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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


....Here's what I wrote on March 22nd.....

I had a dream last week that I went to rehab.

This is how it went:

I walked up to a plain-looking stucco building,
and opened the dark double glass doors.

Then, I walked up to a high counter
and checked myself into rehab.

With all of the drug users, alcoholics, & other addicts.

And why was I there?
For shopping.

Yeaaah..... hmmm.
I think I fell asleep with a guilty conscience about my latest impulse buy or something : )

Isn't that all just ridiculous?!
I woke up feeling like I was the strangest person for dreaming about being in rehab.

Come on! That's just cra-zay!


Is it bad to know walking into an eatery that you're only going to sample, and not buy anything?
Because I totally did that last week.
click here for more

But geez, it was darn good gelato!
: )


A good friend invites you to get a pedicure with her.
An awesome friend pays.
: )
 On Tuesday, my friend called and asked if I wanted to hang out since she was in town for a few hours.
She said that her husband suggested we 'get pedicures- and don't worry- it's my treat!'

Of course, I said yes.
Because, why wouldn't I?!

Hanging out with friend. yes.
Pedicure. yes.
Free pedicure. yes.

Oh, it felt amazing to be pampered!
And we even had the paraffin wax stuff- it felt so strange, yet good!


I've been studying Jonah over the past few months at church.
And every time I have to turn to a verse I have to sing the song in my head to remember where it is   : )

And sometimes I have to jump around to different places in the song to get to Jonah.
Because it's not as prominent as say, Genesis, or Psalms, or Matthew : )

Kind of like going through the alphabet song to remember if U comes before or after V.
Or am I the only one who does that?
Please don't laugh.
It's a sad fault, I know.


My sister keeps baking things in the morning.
But then I'll go downstairs and she'll tell me I can


(Said in the voice of Gru from Despicable Me...)
Not cool sister.
Not cool.


Oh and last but not least, I got my diploma in the mail last week!
newest House Beautiful!
ecstatic Grace!

on the right  -->

Try to ignore the messy bedroom & frumpy sweatshirt.
Oops, now that's all you see.
Kind of like when someone says, "Don't look now, but...."

Want to know something interesting?
John Welty signed it.
Oh, you don't know who that is?
He is the president of CSU Fresno.
Well I saw him two times the whole time I attended my school.
And once was on tv :)
Yes, sometimes I smile slanty like that.

 Also, I had the Governator (Ahhnold Schwarzeneggar) sign it!
Right before his term was over! Score!

Aand, I didn't even notice I got Summa Cum Laude until my mom pointed it out :)

And yes, I just did a wikipedia check to see what that meant.
Because, in fact, wikipedia is always true and never has anything false on it.
And ohmyword I did not know I was that smart!

Although I guess I did only get A's and like two B's at State.

my sister pointed out I got a Bachelor's of Science.
Yeah, ..........uh-huh? Your point?Well, I think I'm the first one in my family to get one :)
Since I'm the only one who didn't continue the family business of teaching (a la Bachelor's of Arts).



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