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Thursday, March 31, 2011


This week's round up of internet good-ness.

etsy shop of song lyric posters
martawrites.com has a fun series: fifteen fill-ins where well known blogger guests fill in random Q & A's

a fun, new-to-me blog with just the right mix of design, fashion, & family

a lovely series of non-designer designed homes
ooh that headboard! wall paper? chalkboard?

A pen-pal blog project: someday, I wish I could do this style of blogging with a friend/sister. Sharing inspiration, conversation, and loveliness.

 a computer in disguise

I would just load the video & then click through. It's definitely worth watching to the end!

Inspiration has struck! I want to make one of these quite badly :)
Well, I'm off to collect my sharpies & white T!

See ya latah!

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