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Monday, March 21, 2011

Linky Love Strikes Again!

 Doesn't this blog have the cutest header & design elements?
My one suggestion is to change the courier font to something easier on the eyes.

I wish I was better at cooking with my oven so I could make these lovely darlings!

Anyone else have a hankering for freshly baked bread & butter after reading this?

Who knew there were so many rules about making bread?

Anyone up for making homemade thin mint cookies

 found via
Uhhh........ YEAH!
Yes, I thought so too, and then I realized I don't have the patience, ingredients, or oven skills to make them.
My suggestion:
just buy Keebler Grasshopper cookies.
They're the best prepackaged thin mint look-a-like out there.
For best results, freeze until inhaling eating.
Also, try to restrain yourself from eating half the package in one sitting.

Another source of inspiration from Emma's blog From Scratch:
And then these, of course!
Gold Dusted Chevron Sea Salt Brownies

And then a little fun: visit here to get your Baby Sitter's Club & 90's fashion on!
It chronicles & illustrates Claudia Kishi's outfits from the BSC! It's just so fun :) Because, who didn't want to be Claudia? Or Stacy? ...They had the best wardrobes!

And another fun site that illustrates Claudia's outfits: entropificus

So.....Happy Monday!

and Happy Birthday to my big sister, Kelly!

and Happy Early Birthday to my friend Audrey!

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