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Monday, March 7, 2011


Monday night insight:
(Editor's note:
this may seem like a silly thing to write about for all to see,
but this is my blog and my space on the internet, so I don't care if it's silly. It's my blog after all! :)

I cannot swallow pills.
Yes, I'm 23 years old.

Yes, I wish I could.

Yes, I have tried.

belieeve me.
I have tried.

I have most definitely tried.
capsules v Gel caps.
tiny v small v large
dissolvable v regular
liquid v capsules
vitamins v medicines

I really have tried.

I have given the following my best shot:
-filled my mouth with water, dropped pill in, then swallowed......
-put the pill in, drank water (via cup, faucet, & straw), then swallowed........
-split pills in half + above combos of water+pill+swallow.......
-dry swallowing (no water, just pillow, swallow)........

I have also tried m&ms/other small candies to get myself used to the size & process of swallowing.

I have swallowed myself silly, needed to pee from all the water I've had in one setting, & I've spent many, many minutes trying to do anything just to swallow one little pill.
For just a little relief.
Want to know about bargaining with God?
Yes, I do that when I'm desperately trying to swallow.just.one.pill.

I've also tried putting a pill in food (yogurt/applesauce/fill-in-the-blank).
And finally, sometimes, that actually works.
I know which medicines to avoid. Just in case I'm stuck trying so long it's in my mouth so long that I wear off the outer coating. Once you wear that off, some taste pretty nasty- & it's no wonder! They're supposed to work for a reason!

For awhile, I could get a few down (Aleeve gel caps), but then that slowly wore off.
Honestly, most of the time it just isn't worth it.
Over the years, I've gotten used to just not taking medicine.
Most of the time I get a headache, I don't even think of taking something. Because it's just a low possibility.
And fortunately, I don't have too many aches/pains/or headaches very often. (Maybe once every couple of months.)
So here's my um, not so exciting insight:
last weekend,
as a 23 year old female,
I had to split my pills and then put them into applesauce,
just so I could get a little relief from my stiff neck of shooting pain from my inner ear to the end of my shoulder.

And you know what?
I conquered those half pills unhidden in my applesacuce!
And then I could finally move my head more than one inch to the right or left.
Aaah! Relief!

Oh, and my bff for the day was my mom's rice hot pad/sock thing.
sigh. the heat + ibuprofen combo was soo nice!

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