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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools! (or not)

This past April first, I didn't encounter
April Fools joke.

No wool was pulled over my eyes.

No sugar in the salt shaker.

Or switched up shampoo bottles.

Or tricks via the internet.

Or even a sly 'true' text or phone call along the lines of "I broke my foot!" or "I'm sick so I can't come to school today." or "Your shoelaces are untied." 
(Which as an elementary school kid, I never really was conned into believed anyways.)

No such jokes or tricks happened here.


Is that part of growing up?
No more April Fools jokes?
I  was never a practical joke type person
(read: I'm a harmonizer & can't handle them: Your shirt is unbuttoned! -wait 1 second- April Fools!),

But, really?

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