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Saturday, March 26, 2011

silly thoughts

I intended to include this with something else but wanted to simplify things, so here it is!

I made four awesome dinners, four nights in a row.

This is definitely progress people!

A few months ago I was thinking about something silly.
About how I didn't cook much at all or pack lunches (for work/school) anymore.

I felt as if I had 'lost my touch,' and I even went so far as to think that I might not be good at it anymore.
Cooking, that is.

I was thinking silly things like:
"If my sister keeps doing all of the cooking until I eventually move out, I won't be very good at it [cooking] anymore. And if I end up moving [away from her] by this summer then that doesn't give me much time to actually start cooking more."

And then I continued with some other outrageously silly thoughts.

I say silly only because looking back now (even just a few months), it seems like a silly thing to worry/stress/even think about. I mean, really?
I wasn't starting to worry or freak out or anything, but I was finally starting to think about how good I had it how I wasn't cooking much at all.

But isn't it funny how God gives us what we ask for?

Because just a short time after I started thinking about my cooking dilemma/problem/uh.... status, God gave me a solution!

Because my sister gets home later from her job, she slowly started asking me to start dinner so we could finish making it earlier.
So, I did.
And then a few times I just made dinner early so we could eat right after she got home. (And then rush, rush, rush off to life group:)
And there were some awesome dinners.
Thank you very much.

And then, since I started going home to Bakersfield, to help out my parents every week,
I slowly started making every meal we ate when I was there. (Except for breakfast- I like to sleep in, or at least later than when my parents get up at 5 :)

And there have also been many awesome dinners there too.
made by me.
Thank you very much.

Honestly, the only reason I am slightly tooting my horn right now is because of my previous concerns.
I truly was wondering how I would start cooking again.
Without a need, reason, or desire to, it seemed like it would be hard to start cooking all the time for myself/others.
Also, I was wondering how I would start planning meals and getting everything done + cooking in one day.

But I did it.
And I found out I could.
Because God gave me just what I needed.
A need, a reason, and a desire to, of all things, cook!

I also discovered that cooking can be a very draining thing for me.
Sometimes, it feels like a chore.
Planning, buying, making, eating, and then washing the dishes just from one meal is very draining for me.
So, with some trial and error, I realized how to:
-plan easier/heavier nights,
-create variety within a week of meals,
-consolidate grocery shopping trips,
-when I needed to start making dinner/do prep work (earlier is better for me, I'm slow & make tons o'mistakes), and 
-when to ask for help.

Getting food from a restaurant is easy, less hassle, faster, and sometimes cheaper.
Thus, this is a huge source of help.
Also, I've tried to incorporate my parents' input into the meal planning which has helped a lot.
Everyone likes what they're eating if it's an old favorite or something they already know how to make.
And then when it's all made, everyone enjoys everything a pinch more because they helped (or were just involved at some point :)

Also, I've got another post coming soon about what God has given me what I've asked for.

Stay tuned.

Or something internet-y like that.


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