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Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Song: Come To Me

I've loved a song, Broken, by Jill Pacquette for a long time now.
Recently, I found her cd in my sister's room & gave it a little listen.
And wow.
There is some awesome stuff on her cd!

Come to Me -Jill Pacquette chords

Broken and battered, your confidence's shattered.
But I, I'm still here.
The things that you cling to they seem to just bring you
right back to your fears.
Were the nails and the spear in my side
Not quite enough to provide, the victory you need in your life?
Come to me.

Come to me,
if you come to me.
It'll be alright now.

Depression is spending, this fairytale ending you saw for yourself.
Broken glass photographs that you use to make you laugh sit on the shelf.
And you'd change the frame if you could,
but you'll do many things 'side you should.
Hoping that I'll think you're good enough.

Come to me, come to me.
If you come to me,
Oh it'll be alright now.
If you come to me, It'll be alright now.

You're broken and battered, your confidence shattered.
But I, I'm still here.
Your broken and shattered, your body's been battered
by what they call life.
Depression is ending, this life you've been spending 
wrapped up in your lies.
And once in a while's not enough.
To show to me what you call love.
So don't waste my time words aren't all I want.

Come to me, come to me.
If you come to me,
Oh it'll be alright now.

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