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Monday, March 7, 2011

as of late.....

On March 1st I wrote:
I have had one of the best past few days that I have had in a long time.

However, let me preface this by saying that at the beginning of last week (Feb 21-27),
I was truly a HOT MESS.

No joke.

Not even lying.

Seriously, it was not pretty.

Instead of turning to write on this blog, I decided to keep things private in a handwritten journal & took a break from emotionally throwing up...uh writing it out via blog.

So, to sum up, I was a hot mess.
Took awhile to get that figured out.
Cleaned up my act.
& had a great week!

What did I do?
Well I'll tell ya!

had my LifeGroup girls over for Nacho Libre nacho lunch + movie (sans movie.oops)
I read some awesome blogs,   can't forget this one either!
cooked some awesome food,   (not my #16 from my 23 things, but it was a new recipe!)
tried out some fun new outfits,
had quality hang out time with mom&dad,
learned how to make the <3 symbol on fb, (I'm a slow learner what did I tell you?)
went shopping, just 'cause,
went to church & heard an AWESOME message,
had a lovely, lovely conversation with a dear friend,
wrote a real, handwritten letter to an old friend,
only wore makeup 3 days,   (and somehow forgot how to put on eyeliner.wha??)
did lots o'blogging & commenting,
worked out & felt great,
went to one of my favorite places -Two.Days.In.A.Row! and walked myself silly there :)
went to the library quite a few days,
took my sister's super cute dog on a walk-er-run,   (it was freezin people!)
put about 400+ miles on my little blue car driving to & from my hometown,
listened to The Tale of Despereaux on cd whilst driving,
saw The Dawn Treader with two best friends,  (as my favorite book, I noticed a lot of differences from Lewis' original :(
ate maybe two Wendy's frosty's    (chocolate, duh.) (more on that later)
did my LifeGroup book study  (more on that later too)
added some buttons, over there ------------------------------->
made a pom-pom pencil topper,
had my sister's old roommate spend the night,
crossed off many-a-thing off my to-do list!,
trimmed my nails,      (how DO those things get so long so quickly? there was a time when I had to trim them all.the.time :(
my sister made me dinner,
watched some American Idol,       (ugh, my Mom got me hooked!  -I held off for 4 years though.)
took a long, glorious NAP!     & then woke up super spunky :)       for longer than I intended :)
bought some new peep-toe embellished lilac flats that make me think of Spring!bought a quart of Honey Greek Yogurt. I'm kinda crazy 'bout it.
made dinner for the sister,
got a fun friend to join my LifeGroup!
went to LifeGroup
read fun blogs,
wrote neurotic things (see above for crazy range of emotions),
found some tear sheets of inspiration,
fell asleep while talking,
watched more Friends,
and enjoyed sunshiny days!

What about you?
What were some things that made you smile really big on the inside?

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