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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The One about the Ides of March

A few days after the Ides of March (March 15th), I thought I would reminisce a little.

When I think of the term, Ides of March, I think of highschool.
For I learned about it then.
When I was in highschool, I took an AP Literature class.

It was a ton of work, but quite awesome.
Yes, I was a nerd.

I discovered a few of my favorite pieces of literature that year.
Pride & Prejudice  & Les Miserables.
And the next year I discovered Beowolf too.

Anyways, in my AP Lit class, we studied King Lear for our unit Shakespeare.
Honestly, to this day I do not enjoy Shakespeare that much.
after reading the play (using No Fear Shakespeare via Spark Notes -awesome book btw! It is the only way I understood the play! -that & following along with the Spark Notes summaries),
our teacher had us watch the PBS film of the play.

And our unit on Shakespeare was only redeemed from watching that one video.
Although it took forever and was somewhat boring for me (it's a strange play), there were definitely a few awesome moments.

First, there was the classic:
"Craazy Tom!"
Said when Lear's son Edgar, in disguise as a 'Tom,' is acting quite crazy.

We quoted that the rest of the year.


Then, imagine, an old, senile, crazy man, kneeling at what he thinks is the edge of a cliff, saying "Just go away and let me die!"
Then he falls over and lands with an oomph! on his face.
Because he wasn't actually at the edge of a cliff, but on flat ground the entire time.
We quoted that line until the end of the year too :)

Edit: Oops, I think I learned about the Ides of March from Oedipus Rex, & not King Lear, oh well!


  1. the Ides of March is what the Soothsayer says in a line from Julius Caesar. That would be Sophomore English.

  2. oops. How do you even remember that? :)