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Friday, March 11, 2011

randomness for 3.11.11

Anyone else think this is random? And super funny?
Because it is :)
via: my seester @ Prone To Wander
Favorite lines:
"You ran 15 miles on purpose? You mean with your legs and feet? I do not drive that far in my commute to work."
Your legs cramp up very badly, and you cannot walk in a straight line for days. You should try it.""That is stupid. I thought only winners got medals. So they also give medals to the losers. You seriously need to get a life."
"And I'm going to go talk to everyone in the break room about how you are an id-i-ot."

When we heard that some Girl Scouts had their cookies stolen from their car, my mom thought it was 'so sad.'
I thought it might be because their cookies are so.dang.good.

Just sayin'.

I rode my bike today.
After not having ridden it in, oh..... fourteen+ months.
Yeaah. Not the best idea.
Except it was. It was super sunny, clear skies, not too warm, not too cold, breezy, with the best hints of spring!
Except that I went too far, certain areas of my posterior are now sore, and I worked up a big (stinky) sweat.

My afternoon haiku for my sister:
Rode my bike today
first time in forever. Ah!
legs like Jello now.

My sister was falling asleep while I was talking to her (via fb chat).
At one point she said this:
"i am not awaaaaaaaaaaaaaake
my fingers just type things"
I told her that she is a very strange, precious person.
Because it's the truth.

Last but not least, I am soo excited for this weekend!
I'll be hanging out with friends, eating yummy food, going fun places, & I'll be with my sister! eep!
Basically, I'll be having a blast :)

Side note: my new weekend is from Saturday to Tuesday.
That's when I'm back in town with my sister,
I get tons of stuff done, & I just go with the flow!
Also, It's soo strange not having a real schedule or much of a routine.

I had a dream on Monday that I checked myself into rehab.
Yes, rehab.

I was there for my shopping addiction habits.
With all the drug addicts and alcoholics.You know, just the usual.

To say the least, it hit a little close to home.
(Since I can't remember the last time I bought something without feeling guilty about it.
Ugh! It's such a frustrating problem!)

Lastly, here is something interesting:
 anyone else confused??

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