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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Link love thursday

A little late, but here goes:

I like this new-to-me blog: joannagoddard.blogspot.com

I want to go to San Jose so I could see the film about Bill Cunningham
& to see my lovely friend Audrey, who just had her birthday! Happy Birthday Wilma :)

I find so many inspiring things when clicking through this blog
This post was somehow insanely inspiring. From home decor, to large-scale portraits, & wanting to try out disposable underwater cameras!

Just discovered this etsy store: I would love to have a custom print of a personal picture.
Maybe of my family or something abstract-y.

I like, like, like these oh so much. Can I pretty please have one instead of an Easter bonnet?

I stayed up way too late watching this (Boston Med) last night.

Just requested this from the library: My Life in France by Julia Child. I can't wait.
Also, waiting for me at the library: Hoda Kotb's biography.
Apparently my older sister has me hooked on biographies.

And I canNOT forget this lovely recipe of sorts
Want to make it?
I vote yes.
I want to try it soo badly!

Lastly, an extremely fun & inexpensive chandelier!

And this chandelier made me sigh with iron-wrought old-world romanticism.


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