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Sunday, December 5, 2010

23 things

General to specific, easy to hard, here is my list of

23 things to do before I'm 24:

1. start an etsy shop  (which really means, create a brand, product line, & business plan & then open it :)
2. organize & attack lists of craft ideas/projects
3. learn how to crochet more stitches and (attempt to) make a granny square blanket
4. road trip w/my sis to a new place...cause, uhh.....we both graduated from college! bout time :)
5. read through another book of the Bible, maybe 1 Corinthians or Romans?
6. research & apply for CL internships in CA
7. get involved in another children's or youth ministry/volunteer organization again
8. visit RSM again
9. make lacy's (cookies)
10. crochet a granny square
11. play my guitar again
12. get my very own typewriter (in working condition)
13. visit a friend in another city
14. get a polaroid/instax camera
15. visit family (G&G's) just because
16. make beef bourguignon
17. get Dad to cash in on his target shooting Christmas 09 gift :)
18. move?
19. work hard to meet new people
20. find a church
21. make new friends & keeping the old (one is silver & the other gold. so clever. I know.)
22. having my "yes be yes," and "no be no"
23. becoming a person dedicated to praying. every day. with intentionality

& that's all folks!
Here's to another 5ish months of being 23!

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