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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ugly Baby Judges You

I thought I should write a little something to document this gloriously sunny day.

A little background: it has been rainy, cloudy, and windy for the past week in Bakersfield AND Fresno for the past couple of weeks. And because I was in both of those cities, I simply couldn't get away from the storm and overcast/gray/yucky skies.

But today. Oh, TODAY.

I woke up.

Sister cracked the (super) squeaky door open, came in, and immediately started talking to me.

Might I add that usually I will not say anything for a good ten minutes after waking up. That's just how I roll.

Anyways, she says she wants to go to the farmer's market, and in her excitement, doesn't even see that I merely opened my eyes the tiniest of fractions when she came in.

But then, THEN.

I turned over, and through the half opened blinds I saw..........SUN!!

And, so, I smiled. A big, lazy, unbelievably happy and giddy smile.

Also, I should add that I am totally a California girl. I live for sun, springtime, burning your feet on the warm sidewalk while getting the mail, vacation spent outside in warm weather, fudgsicles dripping down your fingers, getting lightly sunburned after playing hard outside (but no thank you melanoma- you are not welcome here), and I most certainly do NOT dream of a white Christmas (snow is fun to look at but not to be in).

So anyways, after a week filled with downpours and non-stop drizzling rain, came the SUN!

So, after she forced her way under the covers and I didn't talk for a good 5 minutes while I woke up, we got up, got ready for the day (as our mom would say), and then went off to the farmer's market.

Not even a closed on-ramp to the 41 North could deter our happiness over being outside in such glorious weather. After driving a few roads I have never been on in my four years of living in Fresno, we made it to the market and had a blast! We tried some cheese, bought some tangerines and tomatoes, and I picked out a lovely bunch of flowers ironically called stalk.
After getting home, we put our purchases away, I arranged the flowers in some vases, and we set out to make an uh-mazing brunch of Swedish pancakes, poached eggs, chicken apple sausages, and smoothies a la my new amazing (Christmas gift) blender!

After eating our scrumptious meal, we then preceded to watch 4 episodes of Friends (season 8).
And when I was almost asleep, I decided we should take a walk to go get the mail (there wasn't any) and check out the gym (it's only open during office hours so we haven't ever used it).

Then, after walking back, we both found our respective computers, and spent some time taking care of bidness. I went upstairs to chase the sunlight. It was streaming through the blinds, making me breathless with the way it gorgeously lit up my room. (Oh how I love the sun, a peaceful room, and living in CA!)
After an hour or two- the light has faded and I now have a spectacular view of the most brilliant sunset. Oh, oh, God is good.

So to sum up, this day has been wonderful, I have been quite happy and felt very blessed to have lovely weather today, and I had fun being with the best friend I have ever had in my whole life thus far, my twin :)

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

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