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Friday, January 8, 2010


Some simple things I get an insane amount of pleasure from:

a freshly made bed
vacuum lines on carpet
House Beautiful
crisp cotton sheets
origami calendars
reading! and reading, and reading (a good book is best when read over and over in the course of a week :)
seeing sunlight stream through a window in the afternoon
nail polish
Imogen Heap
seeing Daffodils start to pop up in the soil after winter
ice cream. Chocolate, Mint Chip (from RiteAid), and Peppermint Stick Ice Cream (from Dewar's)
going to see cheesy movies with my mom
learning songs on my guitar
hanging out with my little cousin
cutting my hair surprisingly short
collecting odd things (example: I collected rocks, feathers, and straws as a child. Weird, I know.)

deep cleaning my room & getting rid of bags & bags of junk
therefore, an empty closet! (or as close to one as I'll ever get :)

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