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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Weekend

sleep in. Check e-mail & such. Get ready & lunch with the best girls ever: Wilma, Ruby, Betty, & Ethel! Sunnyside Deli: first time but a good time: full turkey sandwich- hold the onions, garden herb pita chips, & water.
Internship class for 50 min. Chatted with the coolest girl, Noelle, about our doubts & fears for our sites. Learned about her site: Christian adoption agency- way cool!
Library: 10th Ave. North cd- good!
Went to Audrey's (Wilma's) house: What Not To Wear, volleyball + peppering = sore forearms. Cool & squishy grass, nice, warm, spring weather sunset, dark sky, brilliant & ginormous moon. Guitar on a table. Fun! Yuck- tune guitar! Played a song but
could not remember the words. For like 20 minutes. Friend transposed chords (thanks Luffy!). Fingers numb. Learned new songs. Inspired- yet freakishly cold & couldn't read chords on the paper in the dark.
Audrey's house. Could read the chords with light. Getting frustrated yet more familiar with new chords. Not allowed to help with dinner. Twas amazing food. What Not to Wear again.
Home. Friends. bed. saturday sports tomorrow? hmm......

Saturday Sports- amazing, fun, exciting, encouraging, like-I'd-never-been-gone. Saw some of the kids at my apt. complex later. Note to self: try to meet them next week. Jump rope, stamps, ink all over hands. Awesome.
Home. brunch. Nap. Friends. Awesome dinner: salad with romaine, orange bell pepper, cucumber, craisins, dried apricots, apples, & ranch. Pasta: saucy parmesan with grape tomatoes. Grocery shopping. Best dessert: vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate shavings, caramel & hot fudge sauce. Scrumdealyumptuous. Blog stalking. Late night talk with the sister.

slept in. Lovely, warm, & long shower (yay- it's fixed! No more leaking tub!).
Cheerios. Dick Van Dyke show.
Andy Griffith Show (lots of whistling.) (and making fun of sister's inability to whistle).
Check e-mail. Read one from teacher of online class.
Started freaking out about online class.
Lunch: leftover teriyaki chicken ala TJ's: so-so, not amazing, not horrible.
Started hyperventilating about online class.
(Spilled food on ground.) Vacuum. (Needed to do it anyway.)
Checked to see what other class would substitute for anxiety inducing online class. Found many. networked (fb) to find an easy one.
Started wondering if said class could still be dropped. (when is "serious & compelling" deadline?) (and what does that even refer to? "Well, uh, I died so I need to drop my classes." That serious enough?! ridikilous.)
Friends came to the rescue with options.

But finally


One friend suggested CDDS 139.
A class I am already taking. AH!!!!!!! And it double counts for my minor AND an upper ge requirement!!

Thank you Lord! and
Why In The World Am I Taking Two Classes to Meet the Requirement For One Section?!!!!!! Like seriously?!

Okay, dropping said class like it's hot. Thanks friend for reminding me of my weird mistake. Checked out schedule. Yes, I can drop it!! Gotta talk to mom. Sorry about the whole mess with getting a book I don't need AT ALL now :(

Meanwhile....sister's good friend & former roommate from Hume stopped by. Fun conversation. Sister & friend talked about everything. like everything. Twas fun. Suggested she stay for dinner. She stayed.
Whipped up some taco salad with ground turkey instead of hamb. meat (tres good!) & some blueberry-peach cobbler for dessert. Yum! Add more sugar to batter next time though.
Time to leave for church! Ah! Scrambled to clean up dinner, get ready, & skeedaddle. Left earlier than last week but still a little late. Oh, good, friends saved seats. Saw totally super cool old friend: Still want to help out with WSM? We need you!" Me: 'Uh, oh, umm. I sort of forgot about that conversation with you.' "That's cool. But you should still come! On Tuesdays, with h.s., lead lifegroup & youth group." "Me, hmmm. Gotta think and pray." Excited yet, hesitating. 'Should I God?' Sounds like a quiet, 'YES!' Saw even more totally super cool old friends. Kara: come to the Well! Sit with us! We love you! Let's watch crappy tv & bash on it again this semester! Oh wait, no tv at our place.
Awesome message from Brad via video. Great challenges, knowledge, info, Word of God, truth, and encouragement given. Go God! Go lifegroups! Go spiritual growth! Go Biblically measured! (that's my target area to work on) Go tons more Wellian vocab: the core, the seven. er. um. I'm working on my uneasiness with this growing list of vocab. we have at the Well. Good church, great teaching, good people, tons of specific jargon & Well-specific words used. Although, sad bc I'm almost done with my first ever somewhat sporadically contributed to journal for church notes & God (thoughts, prayers, cries, & questions).
Awesome singing & time of worship. Reign In Us. Before the Throne. Revelation Song. Marvelous Light with different rhythm & tune: sounds cool! Glory to God........something happened with a girl needing medical attention suddenly. Get water! Get an emt! God, please be with her, help her not to be embarrassed, and keep her safe- with whatever happened!
Singing stopped abruptly. But we still learned, loved, & worshiped God despite the strange ending. Mind spinning with possibilities of ways to serve at church! WSM? Old Lifegroup? Add new class? Hmmm....
(no time for Target- ah!! Tomorrow :)
AAaaaand, home.
Dishes, cobbler, fb, e-mail, more class searching, praying, & exciting about maybe WSM? Yes! I think it's a yes about the timing, the need, and the lives needing to be loved on. You know what God? I love you!

Funny anecdote:
Rach just told me that I'm "so good at typing with one hand that I should be a person with only one hand so that I can use my talent or gift or something."

She is strange.

And weird.

And apparently looks younger than me? (by a weird dude at TJ's) First time in my life this has happened people!!

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