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Friday, January 29, 2010

Last night

After driving around for a bit, trying to decide where to go,
I went to IHOP with the sister.
We ordered the same thing (no surprise there).
The classic: eggs, hashbrowns, and All You Can Eat pancakes.

And let me tell you,
that food was good!

Also, I should add that we went at 8 o'clock at night
so everything was definitely fresh and made right after we ordered.
No heat-lamp food for us!

Anyways, we sat in a corner booth all to ourselves.
And because it was so cold where we sat, I ordered some hot water.
(Yes, I know it's weird to just get hot water, but it's cheap and warm.
The perfect combo for any well-trained Wilhelm,
or at least for those trained by my mom- so basically my sisters and I :)

At one point when I was drinking my lovely hot water, Rach said that we were like a bunch of old ladies with us both ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, sitting by ourselves in a corner booth, and me drinking out of a cute-yet tiny diner mug that reminded her of the ones our grandparents have.

In the end, we had a lovely time catching up on the week,
talking about new people we were getting to know in our classes,
and eating the freshest and well-cooked food I have ever had at an IHOP.
(Which is actually saying a lot because we used to go to IHOP all the time in highschool.)

Oh, and then we had to find an ATM.
But we didn't get there before Rachel went into a Chinese restaurant
and completely made a fool of herself trying to ask the owner
(who she now knows obviously didn't know any English) where a nearby ATM was.

Rachel: Do you know where the closest ATM is?
Chinese man: ATM?

Rachel: ATM??
Chinese man: ATM?

Rachel: .....ATM?
Chinese man: ATM?

Yep, they could have gone all night!

The guy who eventually helped her was an awesome guy.
But I couldn't help but tell her that he totally laughed as she was leaving :)

Hahahaha. Ask her about that one some time.

What I Wore Today pictures to be posted soon.

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