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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In the past few months, I've had some interesting
conversations with my sister Rachel via texting.

My favorites:

Thu Mar 24 12:10 a
Why am i awake? So
tired and want to hug
_________12:10 a
MeAww. I meesss you!
_________12:11 a
What? Oranges,
jeggings, laundry. (her to do list for me)
You're coming back
tomorrow right?
_________12:22 a
I'm on it. Like gum.
No, Saturday silly :)
_________12:25 a
No. Tomorrow. @ my
3:00 break to
surprise me with a
hug. I would LOVE
that- for future
_________12:30 a
Well that would be
difficult bc i don't
actually know where
your school is. For
future reference.
_________12:34 a
Use your fingers to
google valley prep
academy. On hughes
@ ashlan. Look for my
truck in the parking
lot. Hug me.
_________12:36 a
 Geez that girl is too much!

A few more from the seester:
I loaf you. You are
beautiful. Inside an
out. Ride your bike
tomorrow! I am
sleepy. Nighty!
Wed Mar 9 11:46 p
uhh, never deleting that one!

Another convo with the seester on Fri Feb 25 11:30 am,
Hi loafy! Come homee
today. That way if it
snows tonite/early
tomorrow, we can
make snow angels
MeHaha! Wish i could!
(And then I proceeded with sane normal conversation)
In no way was i
joking. Possible snow
is a serious matter.
MeYeah, since it has only
snowed twice in our
lives, I don't think
it's going to snow.
For reals! Get yo
booty here!

I. Loaf. Ewe. Now don't
stay up too late! I
want to squeeze you
tight! Gnh.
Thu Feb 24 1:14 a

After suggesting she teach her after-school program kids origami......
P.s. Swans were a
huge hit! And then
there were flying
swan fights. :) and i
loaf ewe!
Wed Feb 16 11:13 p

I got my credential! I
am so happy I cried!
Wish I could celebrate with you!
Fri Feb 11 8:22 p

(After mistakenly asking if we were free to go to a potluck on friday....)
Potluck is saturday.
but yes, short hair.
Thu Feb 10 9:31 p

After asking her why she was still awake.....
I oant know. Barely
wake. Hmphglr. Need
hug. Need lovey.
Fri Feb 4 12:59 a

Have i told you how
much i loaf you?
Fri Jan 21 12:21 p

another convo with the sees on my last! day! of! college! (during finals week).....
Wed Dec 15 3:47 p
(after going to four offices trying to get a class approved)Me
Coming home
now, k? Sweaty
from walking around
the Whole school :)
_________3:45 p

Yes. And me some
warmth. I am brr
cold. And you are
_________3:47 p

Later....after finishing my last final EVER....
I'm on my way home!
I kind of screamed

when I walked
outside! I'm DONE!
_________7:35 p

That girl.
She's a keeper

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