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Friday, April 15, 2011

B, but Y

Boo :(

-I spent too much time in front of a screen today (tv- movies & compy- blog/recipe searching)
-didn't feel too pretty (bc I was lazy, wore frumpy clothes & didn't pretty-fy my face/hair, & needed a shower STAT)
-oldest sister is still sick :(
-missed my twiny
-longed to, but never went outside all day
-squandered Thursday.
-got frustrated at my dad.
-stressed about money. Why do I always get stuck on it God?

Yay :)

-my new shampoo smells like salon shampoo. Makes me feel soo fab. when I use it :)
-prayed to respect every single hair (& part) of my mom's head as I dried her hair. and for the most part, I did :)
-found new recipes to try  via Healthy and Easy Recipes  &  Eat Live Run
-had a car picnic (ate subway in the car, at the park) & super short walk @ the park
-got to talk to a neighbor (first time in months- yes I felt ridiculous)
-excited for Fresno, seeing seester & old friend tomorrow!!
-excited for beach roadtrip on Sunday with my LifeGroup girls!
-uh........it was gorgeous outside. fo reals.

-----nerd alert-----
p.s. the post's title totally sounds like a logic problem :   B, but Y.   Y, but not B.

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