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Thursday, April 14, 2011

LLT : 'you are my inspiration......'

LLT in song form: (except now I can't find the lyrics :)

You Are My Inspiration.....
(via She Paperie)
 Amazing Chocolate Cake recipe I want to try!

(via Whipper Berry)

loving the Fab Fonts via 

More fonts via font squirrel

Easy-peasy pom pom garland? Yes please!
via eighteen25
My entry outfit for this giveaway?
.....This dress with this sweater!

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch? Yes please!
The boys I babysit would LOVE this :)

I feel the need to make these ---------v---------  asap.
They just look so gorgeous!
And yummy!
And scrumptious!
And delectable!
And c'est magnifique!(But only after I'm home alone so I can stuff my face, I mean, hog them, I mean, oh well :)


<---- Nutter Butter Nutella No-bake Cake

is next on my 'to cook' list.

And I need to get on it. STAT.


And don't you just want to move into this little girls' room (cause it's just so awesome)?!
Oh me, oh MY, that wallpaper!!!!

New fashion blog: we are all magpies!

Newest indie song love! Via The Civil Wars

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