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Friday, January 21, 2011

musings of JanuarylyDecemberly

*As I've been working on my blog the last few days,
I've found some things in my draft folder.
Some are still relevant so I thought I would still share them.
It's always cool to look back -even if only a few weeks back!*

This is a combo post of things from December-January.
Hence the weird title of this post & made up words.

Yes, I like to make up words & add on suffixes.
It stems from my older sister.
So sue me. 

If you can handle an extremely emotionally driven post, here's: An Edited Thanksgiving from November 27th

If you're a list person, and apparently I am, here are 23 Things (12/5/10)

bittersweet, part dos
it's a little look in on my life during my very last finals week. ever! (12/13/10)

Here's a look at where my heart was in the first of January (1.3.11): End of The Year

Much, much lighter reading: mukluk weather (1.9.11)

a haberdashery jumble of "lately's": seen on 1.17.11 here
*Also, this was when I received my first ever comments from 2 whole people I know simply from blogs! And one even followed! (When I told my friend about the comments- she asked if they were famous because I was so excited. I then explained, that they aren't, but it's just so exciting for me to have people actually reading about what's going on in my little life, head, & heart!)*

And if you forgot how to use that little thing we call a mouse to do the little maneuver we call 'scrolling down', here's a look at my most recent post at Thus Far....

And now, onto bigger & better things!

here's something I started on last night on Thursday, January 20th:

So what if I had my Christmas tree up -fully adorned until January ...?

And then unadorned until January ....?

I like it!
And it makes my living room cozy.
And I like to turn on the lights at night. and in the morning. and before I leave so they'll be on when I come back home.

And, I feel  like my tree is more generic tree than most. I mean, sure, it's obviously a tree you use at Christmas time, but why can't it be a Valentine's Tree? Or uh, Washington's birthday tree?
And expensive things like fake Christmas trees should be put to better use than for just a few weeks out of a whole year.
Kinda like tennis shoes. You can wear them year-round.
Not that you always want to or need to, and not that you even should in the summer. -my feet are super claustrophobic in the summer & there is cold concrete to be walked on!
but still, you can wear them year round.

Anyways, back to the tree, I finally took it down last night with my friend.
It's kind of an awkward chore so a helper is nice -especially if your tree is a substantial size, kinda brittle, & heavy like my free tree is that I scored from my childhood-next-door-neighbor-adopted-grandparents.

Did I mention it was free?

Oh and did I mention it's from the 70's?
It looks & acts pretty good for it's age!

And no, I do not have the pictures of the flocked one I could have had.

Read: a flocked tree made in the 70's = hot mess in 2010.

Insert a big, drawwn-out :       Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Despite the well intended gift of said flocked yucky tree, I have enjoyed the lesser of two evils of said 70's trees.

So, here's a hearty: Thank you Mrs. Fab!

(Don't you wish your name was Fabrizius so you could go by Mrs. Fab? -pronounced like young & fabulous/fab-)

and that's the end of my tale.

P.S. Question: how is it that twenty whole days have gone by another year, this year of 2011?? Can someone answer that for me?
How has your first 20 days of 2011 been?

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  1. I love you!
    And Mrs. Fab is pretty fab-ulous.
    And our unpretentious tree is super.
    And man you are great.