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Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

in case you didn't know, you were supposed to sing the title of this post to the tune of the Mama's & The Papa's song.

>Now that you know,
here are some things that I've been enjoying lately:
. tons of new blogs!

. Love this post from a long loved blog. She had me laughing so hard!

. & this post about upholstering your own headboard was quite funny!

. ruche, ruche, ruche! A slightly more affordable Anthropologie-type clothing Co.  (& cause I'm cool I linked to the sale page. Cause that's how I roll. sale section first & drool shopping, er, windowshopping later)

. & a fun link from ruche for some desktop wallpapers

. lovely, lovely soup I'm making for din-nah!

. a lovely post by a very lovely girl, on a very lovely blog! via March Rielo

. is it okay to admit that I want to copy/emulate this etsy store very closely? :)

. wistfully wanting to buy something again from this etsy store. sigh. Valentine's gift anyone?
wishing I had 'My Favorite Hoops', 'I Think Olive You', and 'Double Heart Stamped Goodness'. siiiigh.

. link for a quick rundown of the functions of your keyboard.
. confused? I wanted to know what the blue fn button did so I experimented a bit!

. also, I now know how to take a screen shot on my computer! Woop!

. All this to say, here's a look at the before of my wee little blog you're reading at this very moment

Like my new desktop wallpaper? It's a calendar! And you're in luck bc it's a free download! Click here

And here's a sneak peek at my runner-up in my blog layout revamp!  -->

'Blog layout revamp' you ask?
Why yes!
I'm trying a few things on for size & with some ideas I have for 2011, I wanted a fresh new take on my little blog!
Check back in soon for changes!

Off to make some garlic herb& butter penne pasta, broiled chicken, & steamed carrots for lunch!
yum, yum, yum!


  1. aww how sweet of you! Im glad you enjoyed reading: )

  2. Grace thanks for coming over to my blog, glad you enjoyed the soup.. I love your blog (and the song that plays on it!) look forward to coming back here for good tips... and I love that you love Jesus too! Have a great day- Andrea from http://healthyeasyrecipes.blogspot.com/