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Sunday, January 9, 2011

mukluk weather

Today, coziness is........

. listening to Phil Wickham's sing-a-long cd in the shower
. freshly showered, dried, & straightened soft hair
. sipping freshly brewed day-old jasmine tea bags with tons of honey!
. wearing a knit/woven sweater
. tights under jeans
. feeling seams of said tights under your toes inside your moccasins
. eating little cornbread loafs
. watching a partially blinking lit up still-up-even-though-it's-January-8th- fake Christmas tree :)
. eating 7 fun-sized kitkats
. wearing a soft purpley down throw while blogging and
. writing Christmas cards & thank-you notes
. all while listening to In The Name of Love (Christian artists singing U2)

Followed up by a big dose of:
. crocheting,
. while watching Friends,
. going to the library,
. making this soup,
. and reading this catalog as it simmers on the stove,
. and connecting to God, learning about Him, and fellowshipping with others at church later!

Thank you God for Sundays!

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