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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday, on the first official day of summer,
 there was a forecast of 110 degrees.

Which translated to icky-hot-YUCK heat.

Which also made me think that it would be a horrible, no good, very bad day.

However, after surviving said 100+ degrees of nastiness,
I can say.....
 I showed the first day of summer who was boss!

The happs:

woke up lazily, chatting w/the seester on ma bed

quick lunchy

frozen yogurt date w/the seester & lovely friend Alex
{where I had thin mint + strawberry yogurt + strawberries + watermelon}
*don't even get me started on how much I love watermelon + frozen yogurt
I kinda love it. and I'm not a froyo girl

went 'paint looking' with the seester
(aka looking at paint colors)

spent 30 minutes in Home Depot.
-that's a hardware store-
not exactly my main spot.
'twas lovely & fun!

spent 30+ min. in Michael's
....and didn't buy a single thing.
-major progress people-
left super inspired!

library'd it up for 1+ hour
got TONS o'books.
eep! : )

went to the 'f-market'aka Farmer's Marketbought lovely green beans for dinner
romaine for crisp salads
sugary sweet strawberries
-for reals. they taste like sugar!-

dinner w/seester & lovely friend Katie
kebobs + sauteed green beans + couscous

sadly the only picture taken all day since I forgot the camera : (

trip to grocery store for ice cream

speed scrabble w/seester & katie
-slowest round(s) ev.er.-

read 3/4 of a new library book

'twas a lovely day.
for sure!

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