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Monday, June 6, 2011

crazyjoy photo challenge

I stumbled upon the CrazyJoy weekly photo challenge last week and wanted to join.
recipe for crazy
This week's theme is fascinate.

I thought it was interesting that after seeing the theme, I then noticed it used in -two different conversations- the day after. Kinda crazy since I never really noticed it before : )

Here are some photos I have taken that make me think of the word fascinate.
2011 --> 2006

blurry silhouette '10

bottled water '10
spider webs '10
how do they multiply so quickly?
kitten pile '10
kitten w/sharp little claws '10

hills of rolling...velvet '08

<-- USA..Mexico-->  '08

Iowa '07
Hume '07
Jellyfish '07
Monterrey Bay Aquarium
otters '07
awe & wonder  '07
line & light '07
steamy miso soup '06
bowling '06

1 comment:

  1. I really like your photos! Especially, the one of Mexico, the blurry ones, hills of rolling velvet. SO cool! The kittens are adorable as well.