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Saturday, June 11, 2011

libraries and such...

I went to two libraries today.
And I got a book at each library.
And I'm super excited to do some good summer reading of new-to-me-author's and titles
I've never even heard of!

Yay for books!
Yay for literacy!
Yay for libraries!
Yay for summer reading!

Also, I've been really into listening to children's books on cd during long car rides over the past few months.
But that is another story : )

My reviews :

The Tale of Despereaux = a must listen! Great reader = great voices. Great story!

The Secret Garden = super awesome readers and a classic story. Tres Bien!
Piper Reed = meh. not the best reader. Short, but well-written story.

If A Tree Falls At Lunch Time = story deals well with bullies and marital problems. But, hard to focus as each chapter switches from a girl to a boy = diff. reader (female vs. male) every few minutes.

The Penderwicks = good reader- fun story!

And in totally unrelated terms,
I found out once again that if I wait long enough, my sister will give in and make a late dinner before me : )

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