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Sunday, May 2, 2010

a hard goodbye

Last week was a sad one.
My boss (one of the two) is leaving and moving another state away so she will no longer be my boss.
I honestly never expected to find an on-campus job after transferring to State. When I finally realized one day that I could tutor again, I was amazed at my sheer stupidity of not realizing this sooner.
After applying and interviewing, I easily got the job and started working right away.
Although it took a long time for me to meet my coworkers and to feel at home, my new bosses made this transition really easy.
Without even realizing it, I became really familiar and close with Ashley, the female of my two supervisors. She, just like the other, William, is very inviting, welcoming, and willing to answer any questions and address any problems. I have learned so much from Ashley, not just about my job as a writing tutor, but about tutoring in general, about myself, and about life.
It sounds a little silly now. Almost like a eulogy.
But, no, I really have learned a lot from Ashley and I will definitely feel her loss next semester at work.
After her going away party, I thought of a line from one of my favorite movies....
...Cause you're the world's ...best......boss.

Goodbye Ashley.

A rolling stone gathers no moss...
So you're leaving with your antacids and floss...
Our hair we may toss...
But we are at a loss...
.....Because you are the world's best boss.
  Two Weeks' Notice

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