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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh my!

How fun it is to hula hoop with a two year-old!

First, they are intrigued by the vibrantly colored hoops.
Some are bright blue, others a merry green, and still others are a cheery yellow!

And then............
..............some are sparkly, and striped, and shine in the sun!!

How fun!

Secondly, making the hoop move around one's hips is a rather difficult task that must be attacked with as much vigor and enthusiasm as possible!
- One may choose to 'wind up' and then let the hoop fall after counting to three. (While throwing up one's hands and making a loud noise or smiling :)
- Or, one can whip the hoop around, and then suddenly start a swaying motion in the knees and hips AFTER the hoop is on the ground :)

- Or (one of the most fun options), one can even help out the movement of the hoop by twirling around after letting it go.
By 'winding up,' swaying/rocking one's hips, and then spinning one's body around in circles, making a hula hoop move is even more fun!
(Of course, you may find yourself repeatedly falling down after this last action. Simply get back up and do it again! It's fun! Oh, and don't forget to grin the whole time!)

If moving a hula hoop on one's hips simply is not very appealing (or possible), there are always countless other things to do with a hula hoop.

For instance, it is quite fun to place two hula hoops side by side. After having a friend stand in the one next to yours, you can then take turns switching places by stepping into the opposite hoop, and then back into yours. Of course, this may make a taller person quite dizzy if they forget to look up once in awhile :)

Also, one can also take a hula hoop in each hand and run around. This adds up to countless hours of fun- especially when you yell, shout, or make some other loud noise while running. 'Run' is a good option for yelling while running.
-Look out for the tendency for your feet to step on the hoops and make you lose your balance if you are a little person. This will add up to countless falls and precarious trips. Do not worry though. Fun can be restored after continuing to pick up the hoops, running around, and yelling loudly!

Even still, there is another option for the hula hooping impaired individuals.
By simply holding a hula hoop in one hand while doing some other sort of action, one can engage in the hula hooping fun without even having to display one's problems of keeping the hoop on one's hips!
(This is usually the safest option. No tripping, falling, or dizziness of any kind......usually :)

All in all, hula hoops are quite fun for two year-olds, and can prove to be fun for those of all ages.
One note: the movement of moving the hoop around one's arm is not achieved by placing the hoop over one's arm and shrugging one's shoulder :)

And might I add that it is also strangely ironic that making a hula hoop stay on one's hips is as difficult for a two year-old as a twenty-two year-old?!
(Just a little tid bit of info :)

Simply put, a hula hoop for a two year-old is more than a toy, it is an adventure!

Oh, to look at the world through the eyes of a two year-old!

Going down slides, playing in the sand, and squishing one's fingers in play dough is also enormous fun for a two year-old.

And sometimes there are simply too many adventures for a person of this age.
Nap time cannot come quickly enough. Sometimes one may try to nap but then pesky adults have amazing ideas such as eating lunch, washing one's hands and face, and choosing to NOT fall asleep in one's lunch. (Oh! the nerve!)

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