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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

End of the dAY

At the end of the day, who ever gets ready for bed first, heads downstairs or into a (my) bedroom.

Then, we hug.

Sometimes, it is a soft hug.
Sometimes, a grateful hug.
Sometimes, a sorry hug.
Sometimes, a long and hard hug.
Sometimes, a droopy and sleepy hug (with eyes barely open).
Sometimes, a lean
still, at other times, a sigh.

And so it goes.
Nighttime is the time for getting caught up on last minute remembrances,
saying you're sorry,
or talking about the next day.

I am a person who needs hugs.
I need to stay emotionally and physically in touch with friends and family.
After realizing that I did not get nearly enough hugs from friends last year, I started to ask for a hug everyday from my seester.

And you know what? I think right before bedtime is my new
of day.


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