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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yesterday I cooked bacon for the first time in my life.

And, you know what? I kind of liked it!

This may seem a little weird, but it actually feels like quite an accomplishment for me.

Here is a little background info: after diagnosing my grocery list of things I was allergic to before sixth grade, I suddenly was sworn from eating wheat, corn, or pork. I have to admit that eliminating pork from my diet was the easiest thing to be rid of, but it did not come with its own disadvantages.

Hence, the act of cooking bacon for the first time at twenty-two years of age.
Again, this may seem a bit strange to be considered a thing worth remembering, but as I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable cook, cooking bacon was actually a new feat for me! Like making a four course meal, I had to learn a thing or two before I ventured into cooking bacon for the first time.

Now, I'm not going to tell you now that bacon is my favorite food, or that it should be added to more food. Nope. I'm simply going to say, for the first time, I ate bacon. And I actually liked it.

Enough of that.

Yesterday, I made a BLT. It was AWESOMEsauce. Chunky tomatoes, crisp bread, fresh lettuce, and yummy bacon. A little salt n peppa on the tomatoes and it was golden! Golden I tell you!

Aaaand here is where I end.

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